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Talk at Google Answered

Thanks to an invite from Cat Allman, who I met on a train back to the airport after OSCON, Tetranitrate, T3h_Muffinator, and I headed down to Google yesterday to talk about Instructables.

The first bit didn't make the video; it starts at slide 22 of 34, so I've attached the .pdf of my slides below. I ran through the slides as an intro, then we answered questions and showed off some projects and videos from the site. There were lots of things I wanted to talk about that either didn't fit or were forgotten- particularly about the issue of intellectual property- but I guess that's a great excuse for another visit!


Wow, talk about a <bump>! August 2007 to January 2009 :-)

I have a really naïve question for you (and Eric et al.): was K'nex the original impetus for creating Instructables? It seems to have a position substantially differerent than other general construction systems*cough*Lego*cough*.

Knex started sometime in June 2006. It has grown very rapidly into a very key part of instructables.

I haven't been around here for long but I believe that the other members were tired of knex guns everywhere so they agreed with a knex section that the knexers wanted.

Ah, interesting. You've been here five months longer than me, which makes you An Old Guy :-)

Only some of my relatives are older than me, most are younger.

*cough* Einstein *cough*

n8, n8, n8...don't challenge me :-) I'll put you in a square potential, and you'll be both alive and dead at the same time :-)

you mean square root?

It's a long, drawn out quantum mechanics joke

Nope, a potential with two step functions on each side, something like:
     _____       _____         |      |         |      |         |      |         |______|

It confines your wavefunction. Then, like the fabled Cat, I'll put you into a superposition of states.

>Sits back with popcorn. Waits for Bumpus's agonized screams

"The Wrath of Bumpus" *In a deep and profound "movie-voice"* -In a world where bumps are all too often tolerated, one man stands tall above the others. Bring up an old topic and you will know his name. Prepare to feel his wrath!!!-


Pfffft. I'm not scared of Bumpus.

Bumpity bump bump-BUMP BUMP! =D

No, it goes Bumpity Bumpity bump bump bump.

Bumpity bumpity bump bump >thunk< Ow! G*d d**n it!

Happens to me frequently, so I'm familiar with the >thunk< sound of my skull bouncing off things...

. Duuuude! It was all about the windboards! From the horse's mouth.
. Mentioned in the video, but I'm betting you don't have enough time to sit through the whole thing.

Yup. Step 13. Then where the heck did K'nex show up and get so freaking big? It's cool and all, but its the only "toy" with a top-level Forum; all the others are conceptual categories.

. From what I've picked up in various conversations, it's because most of the other K'nex sites don't allow weapons. The weapons makers makers drifted over to Ibles and it snowballed. Sounds reasonable to me, but it is what I read on the Innertubes, so take with a grain of salt. ;)

That's so! It is a mystery why and how k'nex exploded on the site. It is logical that this should happen, given k'nexer's also mysterious propensity for sharing designs. Perhaps we should wonder, not why k'nex is so huge, but why other toys are so small in comparison. I certainly know more people who prefer legos, for example, than k'nex.

*Sniff, Sniff* I have never been so touched


10 years ago

You guys should post this on YouTube! +D

Is it really pronounced shy-fle?

Mhm, yes, yeah, yup, yesser, etc.

well, they kinda did because google owns youtube.....

*sigh* I will have to wait til I get home to listen to it. I don't have an audio card or speakers on this machine at work :-(

I saw this on youtube! That was cool to find.

Haha! That is quite a flattering speech. Thanks very much!

Oh dear... just skip over the part where I talk, okie?

You heard him, folks- fast-forward to the last 5-10 minutes to hear T3h_Muffinator!

Wow Knex is starting to dominate the presentations 0.o

It's a fun story, and the geeks I standardly talk to love it! We do occasionally talk about other things, though.


10 years ago

how close u was to saying my name...

No, because 'were' is a quote and you wouldnt write 'Were' with a capital in the middle of the sentence and your name is typed without a capital 'D'.

I clearly need to have a list of projects to show off at these things- this time I was winging it, and it showed. Most of my previous presentations have been shorter...