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Talk me into Linux Answered

I've been considering the switch to linux. I have currently loaded SimplyMEPIS onto an old laptop to give it a try, I was impressed. I think I like the Ubuntu Distro a little better but I'm teetering on the edge of a complete switch. I need a push over the edge. My issues at the moment is that the old crapy laptop is just kinda, what I call, my beater book. its the laptop I don't worry about to much and use for word proccesing on the run and simple Internet tasks. SimplyMEPIS works excellent for these purposes. My concern is compatibility with my everyday computer needs....... and my not so ordinary endevors. I would consider myself an Expert when it comes to Windows XP......... a step above Expert if there is such a thing...... I know it inside and out and I can manipulate it like a dirty 5 dollar crack whore. I realize there will be a learning curve but will it be compatible with everything I use in windows? ........ I do a lot of media editing and music recording....... is this a possibility in linux? (I realize Mac pro tools is my overall best option) somebody please convince me to switch beyond a shadow of a doubt. or talk me down from the ledge.



9 years ago

If you need help, try to catch me in the irc of freenode.net channel linux my nick is always ikem like here.

ubuntu 7.10 was released just a month or 2 ago and it is working perfectly for me. you can create a live cd from their website so u can poke around a little before deciding to install it.

the live cd doesnt work for me. there was 1 corrupt file when i checked the disk, and im thinking that is what is keeping me from starting it. im waiting for some more blank cds so that i can install it. but ubuntu is great. i had 7.04 (i think thats the version) before, and my playing around with sudo messed it up. i deicded to wait a couple of months for 7.10 to come out, and now i cant install it and im sad...

Yeah -- that just means there was an error during either the download or burning process.

i know. my checksum came out fine for the .iso file. and looking at the cd i burnt it to (found it on my floor), it is pretty scratched. im thinking its the cd that got screwed up.

wow, are there still programs that use check-sum ?

yep. i used win md5 sum. it is kind of slow though, and you can only check a single file at a time. i only needed to check one file though, so it worked for me.

Its a 700MB file that you're downloading, the chance of an error is roughly 20%, thus you checksum it :P

I thought there were more accurate ways of checking a download then checksum? Oh well... I thought I remembered reading something about the death or near death of Checksum back when 286's became popular.

Oh, I understand. Checksum has become idomatic, now they use md5, which is very accurate.

Ah, then it is confusing to me because it was an old term that was recycled, eh ? LOL *mumbles to self while cranking up the ole gramophone*

Don't forget shouting wildly "Get off my lawn you crazy kids!"

Shouting makes my voice go horse, I just shoot them now. Oh my, I do hope you all know I am REALLY JOKING :-)

I made the switch.....almost. lol. I'm completely switched over to ubunto 7.10 now and I love it. I'm still keeping one of my laptops windows XP for now but in the last week I haven't used it at all. So far so good though. only issue I have had so far is making rythembox work properly. I really like the program alot but it plays the songs in slow motion with a loud fuzz over top the sound.....haven't figured out how to fix it yet. also, I have onboard USB that don't seem to be working properly.... I have a PCI USB 2.0 that works flawlessly but not having the front ports is a little annoying. solid OS.... I think I'll be a permenant Linux user within the month

www.ubuntuforums.org is a godsend for new switchers to the system- I second oogitsmelol's comment about amaroK- but if you're set on xmms, have you gotten the appropriate codec pack? Are you using alsa for sound?

i prefer amarok over rythembox. xmms (i think thats the name of it) worked well for me too, i just kind of struggled with its interface at times. i had the front usb port problem too. maybe go to their forums and ask about it. i never thought about it, but someone may know how to fix it.

You mentioned your "Beater" laptop- if it's older, I might second gmoon's suggestion of Xubuntu, which is lighter on resources. If eyecandy is your thing: Just look up "Compiz fusion" on youtube to see why Ubuntu 7.10 rocks Vista out of the water I'm currently running a dual-boot of XP and Ubuntu 7.10 x64 (XP is only for games and video editting) and I love it. While basic use comes very quickly to most using Ubuntu, I think that the way Linux (once you learn it) is set up is much more intuitive to those who like tweaking...

Cool, I have to send a few of these to my brother who is a Vista fan LOL

Fantastic! I know it was Compiz Fusion that sold a few of my friends on Ubuntu setups-

i was sold before i found out about it, but after i did, i really hesitated to go back to windows. i need some blank cds... this thread is making me want to go back to ubuntu so bad...

As I understand it, XP and Vista are illegimate stepchildren of BSD Unix. And Mac OS X is stright up Unix, but all Macs now run on Intel hardware. Let's see, Unix on intel hardware was originally called . . . what was it? Oh yeah, Linux :) So basically, you're already running one version of Linux, just not a free version. Supposedly UBUNTU is a super easy distro to install. I haven't really messed with Linux on my own for about 7 years, and back then it was a real pain. Just download a distro, try it, and if you don't like it, uninstall.

Actually, I believe OS X is based directly on BSD. Unix is a proprietary OS (and name) and both BSD and Linux are considered 'Unix-like.' But much of the Unix code was 'copied' directly into BSD. Linux actually refers to the kernel only. That's why some people get bent-out-of-shape, and insist that it should be called 'GNU-Linux.' 98% of the code in any Linux distro is GNU software. There are some pretty major differences between the BSD and Linux kernels. Not that the vast majority of users would notice, of course. XP and Vista? No idea, don't really care.

Yes :
Unix => BSB => OSX
Unix => Minix => Linux

About Windows :
CP/M => DOS => MSDOS + Windows 1.0 to Me
Windows NT => Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

I had thought that XP was the first one from MS not based on the old DOS system ?

That's what I recall reading as well. In fact I read that it was basically an illegitimate stepchild of BSD. Aside from nitpicking, the point is that everyone has finally come back around to the idea that 1+1 is the easiest way to add up to 2. Hence, we're back to good 'ole Unix. You can triple boot your machine without too much trouble, though getting all your peripherals working is sometimes a challenge. Love Unix. Well, mostly.

Well, that is my next step I suppose, learning how to set up a multiple boot while I have XP on my machine, without destroying it, since I haven't a restore disc.

I used dual-boot systems for a few years--they are cheap, of course (nothing extra to buy.) I don't any longer:

--If you're starting with an existing OS, you'll need to repartition and resize the XP partition (Parted, etc.) Certainly possible, but even the commercial Windoz repartitioning programs warn that resizing isn't aways 100% reliable.

--When you decide to change your Linux distro (most people flip around, as there are so many options), you'll be wiping that partition. So there's always a chance you'll 'null' the XP part by mistake...

So I use a second hard drive (a 30 or 40 Gig works fine for exploration, as long as media editing isn't your thing) and one of these Actually, two of these--you'll need a second tray (they used to sell trays separately, but at $5, who cares...)

--When you decide to change your Linux distro (most people flip around, as there are so many options)

-especially if you like trying them out. I've been told off for changing the OS too many times. :D

Yeah, I doubt if I will "try" much of anything I can't get and live boot from a DVD :-)

Was it burnt as a data CD or .iso (bootable) CD?

the version of Ubuntu I have is on a bootable.

Well is your BIOS booting from CD before HDD? the boot menu is usually accessed by pressing F10 or F12 it will say what the key is when booting up. ;)

the CD/DVD player/recorder is checked first.

If you have a 'newer' wide format LCD monitor, some Linux distros can't auto-detect that. You'll be presented with a black screen. You might need to specify at startup:

#> linux vga=795

(Just an example; 'linux' is the kernel name, in this case. And vga=795 sets the video resolution to a sane value...)

Just a wild guess, of course...

I have one full sized bay left that is empty. Um, why would I need two ?

You just need a second tray for the second hard drive (they usually come with a single tray.) They used to sell trays individually without the bay mount.

I can see I wasn't clear here--each OS drive is the master, and physically removed when it's not in use. So I pop out the XP drive and replace it with the Linux drive (slave drives for data can just be left in place with either OS.)

Oh, so it is not advisable to leave XP where it is, and just have it ask me where to boot from on start up ?

I like to remove the XP drive completely, as I need some commercial programs that are a bear to re-install. It's pretty much idiot proof (assuming you don't drop the drive tray ;-) .)

But it also depends on your BIOS, re: if it will let you boot from a second hard drive. I have a relatively new computer, but it won't boot from USB, for instance, which many can do...so it's somewhat dependent on your hardware.

One reason this works so well for me is that I keep data on external drives.

That's what I recall reading as well. In fact I read that it was basically an illegitimate stepchild of BSD.

I never read anything like that. And I can't say if you're right or wrong.

But what I'm sure, is that the common point between BSD and almost all Windows NT descendant is the POSIX specification.
Almost every modern OS try to be POSIX compliant ...

XP was the first "grand public" windows version not based on the old DOS =o)
That's why it was presented like the Windows Me successor. But actually, it's the successor of windows 2000.
NT and 2000 was mainly for professionals ...



10 years ago

My guess is you won't need too much of a nudge....

--If you're an 'XP expert,' you won't have too much difficulty with Linux. It's certainly different, but you'll adapt. NO, there isn't a perfect analog in Linux for everything in Windows. I continue to use XP for somethings (Capture NX, etc.)

But my wife, who doesn't want to know anything about computers, is very happy using Xubuntu with our old laptop. She can "Word-compatible" edit to her hearts content, use Firefox, and it recognizes USB thumb drives, no prob...

--Sound recording and editing is very good in Linux, if you use a low-latency kernel. Any of the multimedia editions will include one. Ardour is a first-class audio recording environment. For digital FX, i've found LADSPA plugins to be very good, if not quite up to VST (one way they fall short is they usually don't have predefined settings--it isn't the audio quality, it takes more work.) But there are ways to 'encapsulate' VST plugins in Linux software....

You'll probably get addicted to using the audio tools with JACK, which allows you realtime routing (it's so good, it was ported to Mac, along with Ardour.) With JACK, you can use external FX programs with any recording tool. And not just as an input stream--Ardour lets you insert the JACK streams just about anywhere. So you're not limited to simple plugins, you can build a more complex plugin in a separate program like JACK rack.

Of course, if you're using an old CPU, you'll have similar limitations re: the number of tracks and latency you'd have on XP. Although Linux is much easier to keep 'clean.'

I know I am thinking about it. Already MS updating thinks I have a MAC (and I don't) and ChatZilla thought I was running Linux.....I might as well switch and satisfy them, eh ? LOL

Almost like they want you to change... ;-)

I should have mentioned that there are lots of MIDI sequencers, softsynths (both sample-oriented and true synthesis types) available in Linux, too.

know it inside and out and I can manipulate it like a dirty 5 dollar crack whore

Maybe it's just me, but I don't like the way you talk.
And it's not just here, it's in most of your comments : you sound rude and gross.
Please, make a little effort about that.

I agree, this is an unnecessary and unwarranted use of invective.

But I find equating ' Windows XP ' and ' a dirty 5 dollar crack whore ' is perversely enjoyable....

"Maybe it's just me, but I don't like the way you talk." Are you serious? does that really sound okay to you when you say it? I'm still living in a country where speech is still free, aren't I? I'm sorry if you don't....... wait no........ I'm not sorry if you don't like it, don't read it. What the hell (yes, I said hell) is going on in the world? I appreciate that there are people who may disapprove of my colorful descriptions of things but I'm not going to stop because you don't like it. as far as I understand it I can say anything I want, as long as I have the integrity to stand by the words that I have chosen. what I said got the point across and you know what, it was funny, I laughed. everyone needs to stop telling people how to act, talk, and live. maybe if we took the time needed to bash other peoples point of view and spend that time governing ourselves and contemplating our own point of view without feeling the need to force our ideals on others....... we might be able to get through a day without screaming matches and blowing shit up. In Canada we have the charter of rights and freedoms, In the USA you have the constitution. If you enjoy the safeties and values those documents afford you, then I suggest you understand they apply to everyone not just yourself. I could drag this rant out for pages and pages going into political correctness, religious debates, (i.e. I have to allow someone to wear religious apperal, like turbans and longer uniform skirts but I can't say Christmas in a public school) but that would make me furious and turn this into a troll post. so using the rights afforded to me by 2 great nations: " go screw yourself I'll say it how I want to say it and will not apologies for it."

Yeah. What Gmoon said. Manners and etiquette are how we deal with other without lopping off heads every two days. choose' was saying, in essence, you're being a bit rude. I agree.