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Talking ads on instructables Answered

Is anybody else getting talking ads that cannot be turned off on their instructables articles. To me, this is a complete no-no. I appreciate that the instructables team have to make money, but there is already enough ads without this. It is invasive of other people who happen to be around you and invasive of you too.


Many thanks for the feedback. Believe it or not, in posting this, I got the same ad again. No way to turn it off, and it goes on and on. I've taken the screenshot, let's see what happens from there


Instructables doesn't control the ads directly. However, they *do* have standards and restrictions on what kind of ads can appear on the site, which they enforce with the third-party vendors (like Google Adsense). There have been situations in the past with inappropriate or intrusive ads, which have been successfully dealt with.

If you're able to do so, follow Penelope's suggestion: get a capture of your browser window with one of the offending ads in view, and post it here or send it to <service (at) instructables.com> with an explanation. They can then go to the vendor and get it suppressed permanently.

Are you PRO? I don't have a lot of ads

Please take screenshots whenever you can so our team can know what specifically is causing the problem. If you see it again, please take a pic and post it here :)