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"Taller de Inventos", Jameco Build Night @ Buenos Aires Answered

On Saturday August 24th we held our very first “Instructables Build Night”, which we baptized “Taller de Inventos” (Inventions Workshop). It was a free event aimed for anyone older than 10 ys old.

We had around 15 participants that joined us on the quest for technological reappropiation. We knew beforehand that most of them had never touched a soldering iron, so the first activity that we held was an improvised desoldering workshop where people cheerily removed components from electronic garbage. Most of them became immediately enchanted with the mighty desoldering pump ;)

After the participants had settled in their preferred spots, we opened the event by talking about what we (Wazzabi) do as a group and what this event sponsored by Instructables and Jameco was all about. We were thrilled of having so many new faces around. What the Build Night meant to us was the opportunity of holding a free event without having to care about components. Since we received 100USD worth of goods by Jameco, we decided to keep it free.

We offered the participants various projects to work on: a "Wazzabi Punk" Light Theremin (a light theremin based on our take on the classic Atari Punk console), an audio switch for choosing between two inputs, a LED Blinking Light for bike and a classic Wazzabi Punk console.

Every one of them was incredibly eager of soldering components to the PCBs that we gave away and getting their hands on their own creations. They left not only having learned that they were capable of some awesome things, but also with some pretty cool devices made by themselves :)

Check the pictures after the jump. They were taken by Cristian Reynaga and Amina Luveaux.


Good to see you're giving birth to new DIY freaks around the world!

and we are not planning to stop anytime soon doing this :D

It was a wonderful afternoon :)

How awesome! Congratulations on your success! Hopefully you'll be able to have more great Build Nights in the future :-)