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Tamiya vs rover 5? Answered

Hi, I want to buy a platform for my arduino and i was just wondering what was the nicer one? Tamiya or rover 5 regarding

Ease to use.
Off road.

What do you prefer to use?


I Have a Rover5 and its pretty good,here is my opinion.

Speed=Good(depending on the voltage to the motors).

Torque=Not bad.


Ease of use=bad.

Off road=(I would not reccommend driving it off road)

Thanks. Actually build this project a while ago now. But haven had time to work on it between school and work lately. Here's what I have built. Went for the tamiya setup, but ended up swapping the motors for http://www.pololu.com/product/1117 after they did after not much use at all. Here's a pic if anyone still reading that is curious on how it turned out.


5 years ago

I would use BS2SX Stamp running compiled basic Knowing
  • It has a processor Speed: of 50 MHz
  • Program Execution Speed: ~10,000 PBASIC instructions/sec.
  • RAM Size: 32 Bytes (6 I/0, 26 Variable)
  • Scratch Pad RAM: 64 bytes
  • EEPROM (Program) Size: 8 x 2 KBytes; ~4,000 PBASIC instructions
  • Number of I/O Pins: 16 + 2 dedicated serial
  • Current Draw @ 5 VDC: 60mA Run, 500 μA Sleep
  • Source/Sink Current per I/O: 30 mA / 30 mA

And when I'm satisfied, an ML file version can be transferred to a $5 Chip
running 50 times faster.