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Target for Bow and Arrow? Answered

I need a good target for shooting bows. We tried 2" thick insulation stacked on top each other so we have a 4'x4'x12" target, but it's not what we expected. Guess we'll use it for a backstop when we find something that works for a target?


I made a cheap one out of a fifty pound bird seed bag(its made out of a woven plastic)you simply pack it as full of plastic grocery bags as you can get in it,I mean pack em tight,and then sew up the top with a good nylon thread,you should stitch it two or three times across at least,then paint it with spray paint as you desire.Bulls eye,animal,pitcher of your ex,whatever.
                                                           Happy shooting!
P.S. The time it takes to save all the plastic grocery bags is the worst part of this prodject,but it works really good.


8 years ago

i have a similar target frame to the one you have here.
instead of styrofoam mine is filled with 6 inch slices of tintex which is a low density very light fibreboard that is sometimes used as ceiling tiles.
when you seem to be shredding the center you take it apart and reshuffle the boards and you`re good for another year.
much cheaper than styro also


8 years ago

I did alot of research into this myself cause i did not like the cost of a target lol. Ive seen multiple ways including taking LOTS of phone books with pages towards you and clamping it down with a board on top and board on bottom with a ratchet strap. Another ive seen it those foam tiles that kids play mat like 10 inches thick. Ive also heard of cardboard boards cut into squares and laid with the cut area towards you giving u a sandwich look and then press that against a wall and ductape VERY tightly. Another ive seen is bag targets. Take a regular tarp or heavy sack material that can last and make it into a bag by sewing or what ever shut. Take alot of plastic shopping bags. hay or that ceran wrap they use on shipping pallets and pack in VERY tight. Another 1 is take balls of hay and take burlap cloth and drape it over it and paint a target on the burlap. My suggestion is just hit a local archery/sporting good shops and buy a dense foam target. They work great and stop arrows well and last a long time with the only downside of it being a bit more expensive. I am using a foam block that is usable for regular tips or hunting broadhead and i have no issue with it at all. http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3130370&cp=2367438.2367824.2293465

glue a lot of identical pieces of cardboard together into a block then nail that block to something. (maybe not a window, i have figured that much out.)

Large cubes of Styrofoam with target rings painted on it (refer to picture)


Old household carpeting works well.

What were you expecting?

One idea that has worked for me is to take lots of newspapers and layer them inside of a cardboard box. I made a target that was about 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 6 in. and it held up fairly well against my ~55 pound bow. You just need to be careful not to let it get wet.

Use Bales of hay. you should be able to get some at a feed store. two of them stacked make a great archery target.