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Tasteless, textureless chocolate chip cookies, EVERY first batch I make? Answered

For the last 3 times I have tried making chocolate chip cookies, the first round that I slide in the oven has come out completely tasteless and textureless. No light buttery taste, no vanilla taste, not even a vaguely burnt taste. And they aren't crispy or chewy either. They're definitely cooked all the way through, and I follow the recipes exactly. The 2nd batch normally turns out slightly better, but I couldn't tell you why. I am a rather bad cook, but that doesn't explain why all the cookies suck. :P To quote one of my friends, "This will haunt me for the rest of my life. I don't know how to even describe this cookie, as there is nothing to describe about it." My mother once made a vague comment about the temperature of the oven, but I'm still not sure how to fix it. It's probably not the recipe; I've used several different ones that are all fairly standard and similar. 


1. Ensure oven is at the right temp (a separate thermometer isn't all that costly)

2. Ensure dough is well mixed BUT don't over work or they will be tough

3. Let the dough stand for a short while before you put it out.

4. learn to bake by look and feel not always by the clock.

5. Don't leave the door open longer then necessary between batches.

Also, leave the chocolate chips in the freezer before you add them to the mix at the last minute, then they take that little bit longer to melt, and last a bit better as "chips" instead of "brown areas".

Thank you! I'll definitely keep all this in mind next time I make a batch.

All baking requires strict adherence to temperature (afaik, chocochip cooky recipes generally require a temp of 350F), but I don't think that's your problem, since that doesn't really affect taste, just texture.

Instead, I think it's the recipe you're using. If they're tasteless, then they don't contain enough chocolate, sugar, salt, vanilla, that drive the flavor side of the equation., a typical failure of many hip "healthy" recipes that replace traditional elements with pap or politically correct substitutes, and one that often results in quiet mutters of "these cookies suck" while smiling and telling the gaian earth-mother who substituted Karob for chocolate and whole wheat flour for white flour and left out half the sugar

"yum!, these sure are...erm....good... and so...erm.... healthy".

I'd punt and use the recipe on the back of the nestle's bag. It's a guarantor of good toll house cookies. To me, it sounds as if you've used too much flour for too little yum ingredients. Cookies aren't meant to be healthy. They're meant to taste good.

I someties make a box of cookies around x-mas for the little ones.
In my new house I encountered similar problems as you did.
Using a thermometer I found out that the oven is always up to 30° over the set temperature.
Worst of all it is always fan forced.
Tasteless cookies can be caused by two things, assuming the recepie is good:
a) too much heat, either from putting the rack to high/low (radiant heat from the heating elements)
b) too dry

B) Was explained to me by my great grandmother.
Cookies don't need much time or heat in the oven and especially thin cookies tend to dry out before they are fully baked.
To avoid this she used to put a small pot of water into the oven from the pre-heat on.
This keeps a much higher moisture level in the oven and results in better cookies.
For me the only right way to get good x-mas cookies ;)

Do you check the oven with a separate thermometer? Don't just trust the built in thermometer. Obviously it's not accurate as the oven isn't adiquatly heated and is messing with the first batch or 2 of cookies.


3 years ago

Especially for cookies -- make certain the oven is at the required temperature BEFORE you put anything in it. This is what PRE heat the oven means. It has to be AT the temperature, not still warming up.

yeah; I always make sure its at the required temp, in fact its normally ready and hot 10 minutes before I'm even ready to put the cookies in. thanks though. :)