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Hey all! I am a paraplegic and have no use of my legs, I am also an artist and would very much love to be able to tattoo. Is there a way that I could use a tattoo gun without the use of the foot pedal or my foot? 


Deathless cords make a touchless wave switch. motion activated :) www.deathlesscords.pro
or email directly at deathlesscords@gmail.com


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You could use and arduino with an IR proximity detector. Wave your hand in front of it and it will turn on, wave again and it turns off. Probably less than $20 in parts if you shop wisely.

Move the foot pedal up so you could use your other hand or elbow. Or you can wire the contacts into some type of a bite pressure plate. Changeing the plate over to something you could bite on to make the cantacts touch to turn on the power shouldn't be too hard for someone that is good with electric. I'm not a electrical wiz by any stretch but I can improvise pretty good. Inmates in prison make thier tattoo guns out of small walkman type motors and use battery packs, they hold the wire on the negitive side of the batt when they want power and take finger off with the wire when they don't want power. Same princable.

Or you could have gotten a direct power source pretty cheap I'm not para but my power source plugs directly into the wall no pedal just a knob on the part I plug into the wall to adjust speed

Hey, man! I'm in the same boat.
I'm a para, AND a tattoo artist for over 15 years.
There IS a way to do it, and I'll explain...
Clip off the end of a clip cord and attach a push on/push off switch from Home Depot. It must be the kind that you don't have to hold down. Just a simple lamp switch.
Next, buy a packet of Ring Pops and clip off the candy and the part of the ring that goes into the candy until it's flat, then dremel the flat part until its the same size as the flat part of the switch. The two should fit together nicely with some hot glue.
Soldier your wires together and put some shrink tubing over your soldier and thenslip the ring over your ring finger of your stretching hand (with a bottle bag wrapped around it and taped tight!).
Then you just press it into your palm once for ON and again for OFF.
This has been working for me for about 15 years. You WILL have to make a few of them, though. Those switches are only built for so many clicks.

The pedal is essentially an interruption in the circuit. Step on the pedal, circuit completes. You could essentially eliminate the pedal all together, and instead using the same concept, (circuit interruption) to incorporate a button or a trigger onto the actual machine. Something like a momentary switch might work. I think that this article is very informative. (It get's into the technical details about that kind of switch)



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