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Tattoo madness at Maker Faire Answered

Canida and I were at the Maker Faire this weekend in Austin meeting fans of the site and introducing it to folks who have never heard of us before. It was a blast and we had a great time showing off the Mouse Mouse, Bacon Soap, and other projects that we've made instructables about.

On Sunday a guy stopped by the booth and showed off his tattoo of a Space Invader alien. He said that he used an Instructable to do the design and that he wanted to thank us for it. The crazy things is, that Instructable happened to be the very first Instructable I did! It's my 3D Effect Stencil Instructable and he used Sketchup with an isometric view to get he design he wanted.

I've seen people use my Instructables before, but this takes the cake. That was easily my favorite moment from the Maker Faire. I helped a guy get ink on his skin. Damn.



Thanks for the post! Who knew that my little tattoo would be my 15megabits of fame?

Modifications I made to your Instructable: I made sure to switch off perspective in Sketchup and use the Isometric view. This solved some problems with recognition and gave it a great 8-bit feel.

I would also recommend not getting one if you scar easily. NV8DR's left flank there is a little transparent...

Many people ask "Why a Space Invader?" First, because the first video game I actually played was Asteroids, and the Asteroids ship looks too much like the Starfleet Command insignia. Second - it's a SPACE INVADERSPACE INVADER. It's instantly recognizable to almost anybody with electricity.

Thanks for the Instructable!

i see im not the only one who's been invaded!



I helped a guy get ink on his skin. Damn.

You might say you really got under his skin LOL Kudos

Wow, I was hoping nobody would call me on that. How's this - I worked for Midway when I got the tattoo, so it's sorta legal? Even though I bet the Taito / Midway license for Space Invaders expired during the Cold War...

Haha, that is pretty sweet. It is amazing.