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Tattoo yourself with a pin and pigmented acrylic ink? Answered

I am wondering if you can tattoo yourself with a sterilized sewing pin and pigmented acrylic dip pen ink. Is the ink ok for tattoos? How for does the needle need to go?



Best Answer 6 years ago

One word of advice: "Don't!"
You'll carry your regrets for the rest of your life. Which could be shorter than you might expect if you get an infection, poisoning or disease.
And don't forget tattooing is an art, you don't want a brain damaged chimp putting a permanent scar on your body.
I once had a carpenter who worked for me with a home made tattoo that said, "Angle of Death."
I called him 45 Degrees.


Home tattoos often go by another name: hideously disfiguring permanent scar.

I think you should go for it!

Yes, it will work....i did my (small) tattoo with that kind of ink, but i used a homemade tattoo machine with a single needle. It worked ok...but (here comes the part you should read carefully):

1. take your time deciding what motif you want to use, it took me about one year...choose something simple, don´t expect to be able to do a complicated one, after all it´s your first! And remember: people change, and so does taste!

2. read a lot about it, understand the process!

3. don´t expect it to look like a "real" tattoo, homemade looks like homemade unless you really learn to do it and have the right equipment

4. you will use a single needle, thats like drawing with a pen that has an extremely fine tip! Unless you want a design that is made of thousands of single dots, you will "damage" your skin more than necessary because the lines will cross very often to achieve solid black areas. If your skin tends to scar heavily, please forget about it and find a professional!

5. The ink can bleed into the surrounding areas, lines that are very close to each other can look like a single line after a while...

I will probably be the only one encouraging you to do it, but i did it and i know it can be done....btw, i´m not a kid and i wasn´t in jail when i did it...


6 years ago

They do it in prisons. Its called a prison tattoo. So I suppose you could get yourself arrested for something and put in jail and your fellow inmates could fix you right up. They would probably do it for free, but the cost of getting there might be a little high.

I think you are better off here(http://www.dhgate.com/wholesale/tattoos-body-art/dcp.html) or tattoo parlor. Most probably the later

Good Luck and be careful.