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Team up with Make Magizine Answered

Dear Instructables,

I am tired of going to so many different sources for great How Tos and DIY projects. This is why I am suggesting that you and Make Magazine should merger.  This way we could get the great content of both the open web content of Instructables and the the physicality of Make Magazine. I love both of you, but I also love a one stop shop.




Make at least used to link to here, a lot. Also, different formats and outlines. Just sayin'

Make's membership format is really difficult. It's not really member-based.


"Make Magazine"???!!!!

That sounds like soooo much trouble for me! I'll be callin in sick a lot if it's got neat stuff like this site...

Bright side though...I might get fired and then I'll have loads of time to do really cool stuff!!

thanks mentor!

ima goan check that out right now...

The MAKE people are great and we regularly read their stuff. They even did the Herculean task of putting together our book for us. Still, we are different companies and merging would be a PRETTY BIG DEAL. It's not just some database merge.

They two have an on-off close link. Make's site features ibles projects, ibles has a Make group, they have had joint contests, that sort of thing.

I think both Make and Instructables were spawned from an initiative of some sort.
[Citation needed]