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TechShop Members: Share your Project for a Free 3-month Instructables Pro Membership Answered

What are you building at TechShop? We want to see it! TechShop members, share the awesome things you make by publishing a step-by-step Instructable guide about your project, and we'll give you a free 3-month pro membership to Instructables.com. In your Instructable, tell us which TechShop location you use, link to TechShop's website, and include a picture of your project (most likely in-progress!) at TechShop. After you've published, send a note to Laura Khalil, our Technology, Workshop, Play and Outside Editor, to claim your free membership code.

We think every TechShop member has at least one Instructable in them -- if not fifty --, and we want to get you hooked on Instructables. Similarly, everyone on Instructables should know about TechShop, and we want you to see the types of things you can do there.


I saw the stand at maker faire, unfortunately none are near me. :/

I heard that there will be one opening up in San Jose very soon.

Never heard of it! Going there now...

To the website not the sites! Silly C'Dad.

Looks awesome though, if I visit SF/HQ, it'll be in my itinerary.

You mean when we both got to work at HQ for our Leet website modification additions?

We were supposed to get one in Orlando, guess the econopocalypse killed that.