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TechShop opening in Austin-Round Rock TX Answered

Texas Makers: TechShop Coming To Austin Round Rock Area!

Our friends at TechShop are opening another location this fall in Round Rock, TX near Austin.  TechShop is a do-it-yourself workshop, sort of like a fitness club, that offers its members access to a complete range of tools and equipment, software, classes, personal coaching, and access to other creative people so you can build the things you have always wanted to make.  Membership is about $125 a month, and classes start at around $50.  They currently have over 5,000 active members system-wide.

The TechShop team is throwing a TechShop Austin-Round Rock Pre-Opening Party this Friday and Saturday (September 7+8), and they invite everyone in the Austin and Round Rock area who is interested in making things to attend.

This will be TechShop's 6th location and they have 3 more locations under construction. For more information about TechShop and this event head over to Techshop.ws


Why don't we have anything like this in Canada? The closest thing we have is a machine shop with a lathe, drill press, and some welders...

That's just amazing!!!.... :D
just wish we had something like this here in India!!....

It looks nice, but personally I could not afford the membership.

Our local hackerspace started two years ago. By then, we were about 15 people and not much else. Now, we have 35 members, a computer museum, two 3D printers, a laser cutter and a lot of other tools.

You have to start somwhere... and sometimes great stuff grows out of something that starts small. In fact that happens all the time.

I prefer the concept of a hackerspace to TechShop.

Of course, here we have neither...

HAH! Was just about to write s'thing similar to Siddharth Jain's:
"That's just amazing!!!.... :D
just wish we had something like this here in BALI!!...."

We share the same feeling man... :)

Interesting. From a bit of Googling it looks like that site is a former frame shop/art supply store. Times change.

Even better for the TechShop is that it will be right between a Lowe's and an Office Depot. There's also a Hobby Lobby in the shopping center. Throw in a Sam's Club for cheap food and you can have some long-term building sessions.