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Teen money problems Answered

Hey I'm 14 and keep trying to make money but my "schemes" don't work out to well. Does anyone have any good advice for money making? Also does anyone know any places (major chain places. obviously u won't kno about my area but like McD, stuff like that) that would hire a 14 year old for a summer job? (btw I've read all the instructables so don't just say read the instructables b4 u post)


Can You make this and give me , i will pay you, I seen one boys hand is not there exactly that part can you do it


Not to be a jerk but this author should be turning 19 y/o this year.

Ever consider a paper route? or doing odd jobs for your neighbors? Of course, you're 18 by now...

I'm sorry Sir but as an officiator of the Well something Official, then i must say it is almost impossible to acquire a paying job by a Legitimate employer at the age of 14. It is much easier to wait till one reaches the age of 15. In the meantime try looking for coins under the tables in the cafeteria.

I know you said "chain places," but maybe a summer camp could be cool, too. Decent pay, food, board, and lots of chill time. :)
As a 14 year-old though, it might be harder to get a job at a chain store. Farms are good too, and landscaping businesses.
Good luck!

My brother and I sell items that we don't use from around our house on ebay. Once you start selling more and more items, the money begins to accumulate. The only downside is paying for shipping products and shipping fees. Last summer, from selling unused items from around our home, we probably received upwards to $300.00. We don't accumulate much junk, so you may have more items to sell.

Thank you. Do you know any sights that are like ebay? My parents had an account and it was hacked into and now they won't get another one.

I was reading in the WSJ this morning that there is a site called BarterBee.com, where you can sell Movies, CDs, and Video Games. Read up on it, because it may be a nice option.

At 14, for most of 'us' its menial labour - cutting lawns, walking pets, babysitting, ...and mcdonalds. I loved my jobs at movie theatres - plus free movies.