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Teeny Weeny TSSOP Answered

Recieved my samples from TI.com today, expecting DIP or at least SOIC packages. The parcel was a thick 9x9 inches with loads of padding and each chip was in a tiny plastic case inside a folded bag, inside enother bag inside an antistatic bag and wrapped in padding and card. Bit unnecessary when you see the size of these chips, as you can see in the pictures, the chips are 4-5mm squared. Has anyone here soldered one of these packages? I don't think I stand a chance, bad eyesight and a crap soldering iron :/


Can you not get some sort of socket to slot it into, with a larger set of pins on the socket?

Just checked.. yep.. for 125 dollars ;)

Sparkfun has several breakout boards for SMD components...ya still have to solder the part on, but at least the boards can be reused (some can be used with header pins to plug into DIP sockets.) As you've probably found, the only non-solder sockets are fancy mechanical "clamping" types, and not cheap.

They've got some good SMD soldering tutorials, too (good luck.)

Here's one example (and all the rest. )

Yeah I've seen some of those, but I doubt I could even solder it in the first place. The pins almost touching anyway its so small, a tiny blob of solder would bridge about 3 pins ha.

Yeah, it ain't easy. There's several ways, though.

If you don't want to use the fancy "solder paste / solder mask / heat gun" (or hot plate), there's always the "solder flood" method, followed by cleaning the gaps with a solder braid or wick... (no, I don't know what the "bricking percentage" is... hopefully they sent you several chips...)

Well I've got two heat guns somewhere and I'm pretty sure I ordered some solder paste, so I could attempt that method. And unfortunately no.. I only ordered one of each.. was certain they were DIP packages and didn't want to be too greedy with the samples.