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Telescopic Baton Answered

Anybody know how to make a baton?



9 years ago

Start with (photographic) tripod legs ?

if you put a small spring inside along with a simple catch you can make a telescopic rod that would be pretty cool. imagine the look on a muggers face if you pull a long rod out of nowhere

Hey, if someone has extra tripod legs, I could use a few to make a tripod....I need a way to steady my camera and anchor it. :-)

Goodhart, if you need a tripod, remember what they told you in scouts First do a square lashing on 3 straight branches side by side. Then, after the final clove hitch, just pull the legs apart to create a tripod strong enough to hold a dutch oven or two

I don't really want to have to go through that each time I want to take a picture :-)

Does the word reuse mean anything to you? it only takes 5 minutes

I need it to, like a tripod, hold the camera at one spot, even after I let go of the camera.....I can't pick it up and find the same spot again it must be small sturdy, and portable.....a tripod, even if only a table top short legged one...

Happy Birthday Goodhart! PM me your address, and I'll send you a tripod!

thank you, so far it has been pretty nice. You aren't serious about the tripod are you? They aren't cheap (not in my area anyway). I mean, that is a very kind gesture and all, but you don't have to really....I will find a way somehow :-)

Well, yeah. Now I'll have to embarrass myself by admitting how cheap I was going to be. Tripods are a bit like audio equipment. You end up paying exponentially more money for tiny little feature. You can get an "adequate" tripod for significantly less than $30; that's the kind I have: "adequate." I'm occasoinally reminded why it was cheap, but it surely continues to be much better than no tripod, and I didn't get so upset when I forgot one on a trip and had to buy another one at the last minute. Shop at Wallmart instead of a "photography store." You just have to decide whether you want an ultra-compact but less study version, or a sturdier but larger version.

More relvantly to the actual topic of discussion, I wouldn't have suggested turning a $2000 tripod into a baton in the first place...

never fear about "cheap", if it works, I would never ask anyone to buy the best because I normally won't ;-)

Aye, understood. I will look into your suggestion while I am on vacation here (if it will stop SNOWING *sigh*. It doesn't snow in November around here !!! (except on my vacation, it seems).

If you want it lower, widen the stance If your camera falls off, duct tape If you need to rotate, buy a better camera

It needs to take up very little space (we are kind of cramped in my apt.).

That's the great thing, when your not using it, you can leave it outside, people will just think they are branches

...and the landlord will throw it out if he sees it :-)

Right there on either the font porch or the sidewalk (sadly I am in the city right now).

That's a pretty good idea, thanks


9 years ago

Although, it occurs to me that I'm not sure I have any idea what the original poster had in mind. Originally, I was thinking along the lines of a Marching Band sort of thing, but the ads that pop up remind me that the same name applies to some self-defense sorts of things... ??

Yeah, I'm in the private protection business, and I was thinking about the "non-lethal force" tool. But then again, I couldn't totally dismiss the little girls in sequened jumpsuits.

. The two I have seen were made from progressively smaller springs.

Hmm, maybe a pogo stick then? That has quite a spring in it :-)