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Tell me what guns u lot r making Answered

we need new gun's, im intrested 2 see what u guys r currently making so please tell me, post pics, and hoppfully post an instructable on it!


i pray that rifle in the picture is completely fictitious. if its real it would have to be a bean bag gun due to the size of the barrel...

No its real. It's an MP5 with a flash hider.

its a picture. dont get worked up about it. everything in life doesnt have 2 be completely real. honestly. some peeps r scary.

jeez, i was just trying to assert my judgement. it looked sorta real(the person) and my eyesight is slowly "dying" so i wanted to know if i was correct.

me and my grandpa just finished a pretty awesome coilgun.

MY cannon! Its posted now.

Double barreled crank powered MG (might not work out) truly semi auto pistol (will post if it works out) enormous ballista (will post eventually).

im working on a m1(idk if it m1 or m1a1 but who cares)i got barral and nade launcher don i need: -ram -body -mag -stock -handles -other stuff (i don't want this to got on forever!)

im working on a asault rifle it has 2 kinds of replacable barrels that yes u can pop out and put a new kind in but its still under work and ill post a pik wen im not being lazy lol

I am making a whole bunch of frag grenades the frag shotta the improved K1 Kruger The rail shot

post picks or no one will care btw i doubt ur ganna post any of this

Ill post it when i want to. and you do know i posted that ages ago and have taken apart all of them to make the Rail shot eh?

can i post my mod? of the mp5

fogot to metion to day i made a grande launcher for a Highly modified mp5 i have. took it off tho. it shot 5 feet

im just working on a grande launcher and other add-ons for my knex rifle collection. i love rifles. not a fan of hand guns, the wionnia and the magnum are the only ones i like. well plus mine. it is a hand gun

i have a whole bunch of stuff im making at the moment-im going back to alot of ideas i had last year and improving them. At the moment im building- -My pump action, horizontal loading shot gun, -My cylinder gun, -My revolver, -My slide action pistol (making instructable), -My famas MK2(HELP!!!), -My repeating rifle, -My new secret gun. BTW, yes. I do like '-'s.


10 years ago

I have lots of stuff to post. My (Non-Working) Shotgun. My 3 pistols. And my Crossbow

when will u post them, soonish i hiope

Probably not. I have to wait until my aunt comes back from Finland. She has my camera.

9My grandmas in finland, are you finish? Im 25% finish

No. She's on holidays
And, this shotgun, I made, and if you want to, I'll post it with the others

Im really busy now with all this knex stuff Im posting. Im working on a car that has a brand new 4 wheel Drive system.. I got pic on my orange in my forums. Its called New Knex Car. I just finished it. I also jusy now posted my bazooka. Check it out on my orange board. Im also making a car that has a gun on it that triggers itself off after driving over a peiriod of time.

im working on turning my semi auto into a more powerful full auto rifle and you can change it to semi auto too :D


10 years ago

im gonna make a m-16 if it turnes out looking good and working good all post

i finished a new type of hopper bottom(the part that normal uses tan pieces), then after fine tuneing i plan to make a break-action shot gun