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Temperature reporting device that I can telephone and remotely obtain the temperature at its location Answered

I want to make a temperature reporting device that I can access remotely by telephoning to its location and obtaining the temperature at the location of the device.  I already have ability to phone and turn heat on/off.  I asume I will neet a digital thermonator .  Accurate temp. is not required, just  enough to know that heat is working properly and that freezing conditions do not exist, or are near.


This is pretty easy, if you have a mobile phone with a modem connection. You can ring it, leave an SMS and get an SMS in reply. Its available "off the shelf" too.

 Thanks, but I do not know what a SMS is, or where to look for the "off the shelf" item you speak of.  Would I find it at Radio Shack, or some better Electronics store ?
I just have a plain old fashioned phone at our 2nd home at Tahoe, so do not have a computer permanently stationed there

SMS is the proper name for "texting" - it stands for "Short Message System", and you can send information with it, if you have cellular service in the area ?

If you don't, there are other ways, but SMS is probably the simplest. Would you like some parts and names for ideas ?

We have cellular phone service in the area ( Version).
I'm real new at this.
 I need to know where to find the kind of thermometer I need to generate a signal to send (electronic/digital, I guess), and how do I connect it to the sending device ( Just wire it , I assume ?)
Also, I don't know where to go to find the "off-the-shelf" stuff I need.  
Any help, directions, info, is appreciated.
Thanks,    Ben

I've found the perfect unit for you I think, but I don't know if its available in the USA for you ! Its actually part of a home security system, but plugs into your telephone to ring you when there is a "break in" my idea is to put a thermostat on the "alarm inputs", when it gets cold, it rings you, you press a number on your telephone keypad and turn the heating on.

Should be around 100 USD.


I now have the ability to turn heat on/off;  Start /stop outside sprinkles, turn on/off lights. So I don't really need to do an on/off action.
I just need something to be able to remotely check the building's lack of heat -- say below about 40 degrees F. (8 degrees above freezing) or so.
I have my thermostat set at 44 degrees,  and can remotely switch it to 70 F. degrees prior to planned occupancy.
A low temp. condition may occur during an extended power outage.  I can check remotely, via web-site, when an extended power outage occurs, but now I have to travel 3 hours to see how cold the interior of the structure may be.
All I need to have now is a device to enable me, remotely, to find out if temps in the bldg drop below about 40. ( of course if the power is off any device probably would not function, but once power was on again ,I could tell how low things got, and possibly save myself a trip in stormy weather.)

Do you have any thoughts on this?   I thank you for all your input.


Yes, what kit are you using at the moment ? There may be some sneaky way we can engineer feedback from the house.


 I use an "X-10, Powerhouse Telephone responder, Model TR551" to connect my telephone to  wiring thru' a relay, an " X-10" modular unit, switching, and two thermostats. ---- a system  that I designed myself to remotely control off/on operation by phone..

 none of these things seem to be what I need.  I think I'll just drop this project for awhile.
thanks for all your input.

 I would have to know more abut the device, but the brief description I read does not indicate that it will relay the actual temperature at the site -- only allows control.  I have that now.
Where can I get a more detailed  story on the item? I might be able to adapt it to the situation


8 years ago

Better yet, train a cicada to answer the phone...

 Maybe you could have some type of micro controller or circuit that will speed up or slow down according to the temp.... Sort of like a cricket... That should work out for what you need... It would be fairly easy to program, but anyone who calls will hear a cricket. Hope this helps.