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Temporary Absence Answered

Just so you know, Family Kite will be away from, well, the time of this post until Sunday evening (UK time).

I may not post while away, as we are staying in a motel that charges £5 an hour for the internet...

But, when we return, we should posses new skillz.

(Oh, and I went to the first Dorkbot Anglia last night - very cool, but no time to tell it now.  Other iblers were there, maybe they will tell.)



agreed RadBear.....this is much like people who own houses, paying School tax, even if they have no children.......kind of unfair.

I'll pay taxes for schools b/c I benefit indirectly as the better educated people are the less likely they are to commit crime or be a burden on society (Although I do reserve the right to gripe about it when feeling grumpy), but ideas like this make me cringe. As I work for government I just know that this type of thing would be better left to private industry as they have a built in incentive to make it work and to maintain the equipment. If they don't they lose customers which means they lose money. Businesses that offer "free" Wi-Fi will attract more customers, so their competition will be forced to do it and thus "free" Wi-Fi will spread. Government doesn't have this built in feedback. Plus when the technology changes they'll be slow to upgrade, or they'll do away with it and keep the tax in place. A prime example of this being a special tax was placed on phone calls to help pay for the Spainish-American War (1898). The government didn't stop collecting it until early in the 2000's. And you just know that someone will decide that since the government is providing the access they should be allowed to monitor/control the content we view. Government should stick to being a neutral oversight body and only provide big services like defense, infrastructure, police, EMA, fire etc.

"as the better educated people are the less likely they are to commit crime"

Sadly, it isn't throwing money at schools that makes them better, teachers like my one algebra teacher (this was over 34 years ago) being PAID to teach is what ruins schools. 

But I agree with this too, that government involvement (especially US government) seems to make the 50 cent lollipop cost $100 and the labor involved triples.  The government probably kills more trees then any other industry out there.

The government would probably be more efficient if it was STILL voluntary, like it started out....take away the power and the greed and only people that actually WANT to do the job right, will do it. ;-)

...rule of thumb...avoid hotels that charge hourly rates.

Or set your laptop to Search, and plug into the first (secure) free one you find....

urmmm, hourly rates for the rooms are usually domiciles of ill repute and you need to check above, between and under the matresses for any "remains"...so I've read...

Ok, I think we may be on different wavelengths here today ;-) (my "detector" tells me that WiFi exists in my work room at home, inside 4 walls of chicken wire encrusted old plaster and I don't have it on MY computer....)

A state-run internet service funded through taxation?
I can't think of a good way of this being, alternatives are better.


Mobile broadband man...


...never mind, we're next door to a service station with free wifi.

Morning all...

Yes, nice to have met you people, I think we can call it productive. Heck if you can build a barbecue and cook stuff that's good eating - well done on the welders!.


:O He spelled it "skillz"!!!1 ;_; Kiteman. Whatever shall we do during your absence??