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Tempted to leave instructables just because of the new layouts Answered

I may have only been here for 2 years but this site is changing a bit too much for my tastes. In those 2 years most of the major changes have been pretty recent. Why they haven't implemented legacy views yet baffles me. Or allowing us to customize our own personal layout. By personal layout I mean that each person can customize how the site looks to HIM OR HER.
If they implemented that I would be willing to put up with the bugs and glitches it would cause just for the fact that it pleases my eye.

What they seem to be doing is copying facebook's style. This absolutely sickens me. I HATE facebook and the only reason I got it was to see just how bad it is. The layout for facebook form over function. It is needlessly over complicated  I am a function over form guy. I bet most of the people here are function over form too. 

Don't be a facebook. If you do I will take my 10$ worth of advertising else where. Maybe if a couple thousand leave you will get it.


You've spent years consuming this site, for free, without paying back in the form of showing off your own projects, and yet now you are demanding that your wishes be fulfilled or you will leave?

I DID have projects on here. I thought you were an admin here that could see my deleted ibles. As for "consuming for free for years" I DIDN'T do it for free. I paid for my stay here with ads. Ads and viruses. And yes Norton has blocked a great many viruses from this site.

Why did you remove your projects?

Do you think that having a few ignorable images on the page means you have "paid" for everything you have gotten out of this site? Do you know the cash value of my time? Or of the other Community Team members and staff who have gone out of their way to help you in your time here?

(You're mistaken about the viruses)

The cash value of your time is about 15-20$ an hr. Maybe more. As for the amount of time I have wasted I say I have wasted about 1-1.5 hours of staff time in my 4 YEAR use of this site(3 years with an account). Also my most viewed thing wasn't a slideshow(not that they could be called that anymore). I never ran ad-blocker plugins either.

I don't share my stuff do to the fact that I don't really build much. And the stuff that I do design might go against what ever rules of posting you have. Also I don't want others to figure out how to make it do to the danger it presents to it's user and the fact that I want to be the one who finally makes it.

As for the viruses even Google Chrome told me not to go here sometimes do to malicious activity being discovered on your site. If you want I can dig up a link to a site that will tell me if there were viruses on your site.

Who are you reffering to Kiteman? I hope its not me cause you have no clue what has happened in my last 6 comments about the one instructable that I was asking about and another thing, who asked for your input? Thats why I come to this site is to learn but you cant learn from misleading instructables can you? If and when I feel confident enough to leave an instructable which I am close to, I will. If it was for somebody else then disregard.

1. I was addressing the OP.

2. I don't need an invitation to comment on a public forum.

I think he is writing to the OP.

oh, ok, whew, lol, thats good

Whatever you want. Dont let the door hit you on the way out.

Instructables is about the instructables as it and not the layout in my oppinion.
And i think the major usergroup will have adjusted to the new layout in notime. If you arent one of those, stay or leave. It is finally up to you.

Well in keeping with a "be nice" comment policy, I think this could have been phrased a little better (versus "Dont let the door hit you on the way out"). :-)

In my opinion, Instructables is driven by the members who post those Instructables; and "adjust[ing] to the new layout" can sometimes equal "tolerating" versus seeing them as improvements. There's nothing wrong with expressing an opinion if its constructive.

I'm tempted too for misleading instructables, Maybe you can help me, I watched an instructable ablut MilCandy and the temp control and relay, "https://www.instructables.com/id/Temperature-controlled-USB-fan-MilCandy/" check this out and tell me what you think, cause I bought everything identical to the instructable and it does not work and when I asked about it they treated me like a POS.

Question: did you report this issue to the site admins or the Community Team?

Not yet , but I am waiting for my last comment to them (these 2 guys that Im dealing with) I watched this instructable about milcandy(https://www.instructables.com/id/Temperature-controlled-USB-fan-MilCandy/) so I bought every exact component and as you will see if you watch it , there is no code, well these guys are telling me that I need diodes and all kinds of stuff , if that was the case I wouldnt of dont it, it looked so easy , thats why I bought it, but I told them the relay freaks out when you hook it up and they insist its my fault, maybe it is but I am just going by the instructable. Check it out and let me know what you think if you get a chance, thanks, Ange

angpal59: You'd get a better response from the author of the Instructable rather than asking the Instructables community, most of who won't have read that Instructable. If you leave a polite comment on the Instructable, the author of the Instructable will receive an email telling them they have a comment.

That is probably the quickest way to get help.

I was polite to the first guy I asked then he got snippy with me and all I said was sorry I asked somebody that didnt know, if thats inpolite then people sure have thin skin on here. All I wanted was a simple answer and if you dont have any clue as to what Im refering to then just say so, thats all, no big deal. To tell you the truth, there won't be a next time. I've learned my lesson.

I am so sorry for the whole misunderstanding. I read your posted questions and you always replied respectfully. I don't know who the second person was but it is not a frequent contributor to this site. I don't see why you were accused of not being polite. I have been a member for a few years and I have found a great community of people here. I agree with the others here that your best option is to try to contact the person that posted the project and ask any questions. We are not all experts on the same things. Please, do no assume that everyone is going to be able to understand and advice you on whatever project you attempt. For the most part our community is full with people eager to help and share what they know and what they have done but like anywhere else you get one or two that are up to no good. Don't let that bad experience stop you from contributing and sharing with the rest of us!


Thanks Bill, I seriously appreciate that reply and your definetly right about not letting one bad experience sway me, so I will continue, There are 2 reasons I think why people come here, 1 is to show what they know and share which is great and the other is for people like me who want to learn from other peoples concepts and ideas and like you said there are some over eager people, again thanks for your advice and support it is appreciated immensly. Angelo

They don't know anything about the project. Ask the project author and I'm sure you'll get a helpful response.

Your absolutely right Jay, thanks for the advice , I will definetly adhere to it.

Now, it sure the heck doesnt have all that in the instructable, thats for sure. And Im no expert but it looked kind of plain and simple, thats why I bought the 3 exact items. But it doesnt work . Check this out also and let me know if it makes you think its easy or what, lol,,,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4_nxEPw7zY

this is what they told me, "OK despite you being rude to my friend Frollard who was only trying to help I will offer this.Did you leave enough time between the two states of the temp sensor before programming the MilCandy because if you set the on and off states when the sensor is sending the same signal then the MilCandy will oscillate. Make sure (use a voltmeter on the sensor) that the sensor has changed state enough.Secondly, are you trying to connect the relay directly to the MilCandy? It should be driven by a transistor or else it will try to draw too much current from the MilCandy which it won't be able to supply and cause the oscilation you observe. Use a buffer transistor to drive the relay and don't forget the diode across the terminals of the relay to prevent back-emf from killing the transistor. Also if you have connected the relay directly to the MilCandy and you haven't used a diode then it is possible that the relay might have already killed the MilCandy outputs."