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Ten Full Years! Answered

It has just been pointed out to me that I have passed my tenth anniversary on Instructables - I first signed up January 6th, 2006, and have signed on almost every single day since, holidays and long-haul flights excluded.

That's just...

Over ten years.


The only things I've been involved with for longer are my relatives!


Well shoot, guess I should pop out of the wordwork to say congrats!

That is funny and made me laugh!

I am gaining on you, my friend, next year.

Whoa! I didn't know you've been a user for that long! :D


2 years ago


Congratulations. Looking forward to more awesome Instructables.

Hmm, does that mean you have too much time on your hands or is it just the obvious signs of a strong addiction? ROFL

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication! You're but one example of what makes the Instructables community great. May your next 10 years be filled with a plethora of mind-blowing projects and less need for impossibly kind reminders to read the job posting.

Congratulations sir, you are indeed a legend around these parts!

My first comment was from you, wherein you politely told me that the nonsense I had posted did not constitute an instructable, and was in fact probably illegal in most jurisdictions . . .

Those were the good old days : )

Cheers to the next 10 years!

And, see, that timely advice ended up getting you a job on the site!