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Zee-bloomin'-ro! Answered

We are here !

It's 10:45 local time, sunny, we're fed, I've seen two new birds already (a chipping sparrow, Spizella passerina, and a Northern Mockingbird Mimus polyglottus), and we've just realised that we're less than 100 yards* from the nearest BART station.

The plan for the rest of the day is to trundle into the city to find our apartment, then I hear there's an interesting place to visit over on 2nd Street...

This is already shaping up to being a good experience.

UPDATE: Rather than clog up the forums with this stuff, I'm going to blog and tweet it.

*See, I'm talking American already!


I'm back on a proper computer!

Take that, new image format!

I am glad you got off that improper computer ;-)

He had to... The Queen complained.... (She doesn't like improperness you know). :)

:-) after 20-30 years of misunderstanding odd sayings and cliches I am old enough now that I can make fun of them....including taking them completely literally (drives my wife half bonkers sometimes LOL))

There's a guide now...



*Chuckle* You'll fit right in at LA, although you may be accosted by a stranger, you also may well get completely ignored too. We're a diverse group on this side of the pond ;-)

although, wearing the Union flag as a bandana would confuse the locals in LA

good one.... nothing would confuse them more than wearing half and half 'colors'.

or get swept up with the 1% thinking it is a Maker movement.

I think someone would have to slip him a tiny square of paper first...

Aye, I suppose. I've seen just about every type of misconstrued and odd dress codes, so I would probably not notice

Although, LA Story is one of my favourite films.

LA SF SD Chicago, whatever ! ;-)

WELCOME KITEMAN ! Someday (as soon as I finish building this time machine) I may be able to visit the UK.

Welcome to America, ya limey poofter!

I think it's the normal Brisbane greeting...

We'll keep it at a "manly handshake".....wait

< hugs >

Welcome to California!

I don't think he's going to pay the absurd price for in-flight WiFi.

but that's the price to pay to keep the kids occupied on a long trip and the airlines know it.

Oh, come on. Those mini bottles of Bailey's are much cheaper, and much tastier, too. Just like little mocha milkshakes!

So do you have butterflies of excitement yet? Only one more sleep. Yay!

Awesome picture of Churchill btw... 

All the way down to my toes.

Although we leave home tomorrow, it's two sleeps until we actually fly - paranoia made us book a motel near the airport, to save delayed trains making us miss the flight.

(With reasonably good reason, it turned out - several lines have been delayed by vandalism, cable theft (for scrap value) and high temperatures making overhead cables sag to much.)

I would do the same thing... Even with all the Olympians that are flooding the region, you want to be as close to the airport as possible. We've been hearing loads of complaints on the news, even from cabbies.... people are having a tough time getting around.

At least there's free WiFi at the airport. :P

Is it just me, or is your page taking forever to load all the images? I'm seeing a lot of blank spaces.... (even though I have hi-speed internet). o_0

London has always been a tough city to get around by car, bus etc - I simply don't do it, sticking to the train and Underground.

LOL - call it a test of the new image layout...

I could get out a stopwatch and make an Olympic themed sport of it to see which image comes in last... lol

It's a slippery slope when you start using hand gestures for 2, 1....

I had to be selective, since Churchill himself wasn't.

And there's always good old Ted Rogers...


Ah, I shall alert the proper authorities to prepare for your arrival. Let's see, SF Mayor to give you keys to the city, zombie and vagrants welcome committee, TSA to give you the full treatment with pedicure...

The TSA are a concern - I have never left the UK without somebody in the party running foul of men in uniform...

I took my nephew and niece to visit the U.S. Mint long ago, didn't realize he carried his mini-leatherman with him, we were able to talk our way out of that one. Nowadays, you can't even carry a bottle of water through.

It's normally me that gets frisked - I set off metal detectors wearing nothing but cotton - but last year's Kenya trip had a rocky start when #2 son took a half litre of ginger beer through security.

I'm really quite torn between choosing to be repeatedly groped or walking through the porn machine (and getting a nice, unhealthy dose of radiation) on my next flight.

I'm given to understand (eg via BoingBoing articles) that asking to be groped instead of irradiated is tantamount to an admission of terrorism in some US airports.

Getting back on line to be groped again is an admission of something else...