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Tender Chuck Steak? Answered

How do I get a chuck steak to be tender after it is cooked?



 You can also use Adolph's Meat Tenderizer, which has papain, the enzyme from papaya.  It breaks down the fibers.

We should add, after it is cooked, cut it VERY thin across the grain, like 1/4 inch or a half cm.


8 years ago

After it is cooked is a done deal. But if you prepare it beforehand you can affect the tenderness.

1) You can pound it with a meat mallet to break down the fibres, and tenderise it that way. (It will be flatter and wider. If you don't have a MM, ball your hand up to a fist, and thump it repeatedly with the pinky side of your hand).

2) Marinate in a mixture that has Kiwi fruit or Papaya in it. These two fruits have an enzyme that breaks down meat fibres.

3)Long, slow cooking, covered, then cover off for the last 20 minutes or so.