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Tesla Coil Answered

can someone PLEASE make an instructable on making a tesla coil that shoots sparks???


You know, the "Electronics FOr the Evil Genius" book series. Or just go to amazing1.com. The books and the website basically cover the same projects. I don't exactly have the tools to build my own, but these projects can be scaled up or down depending on your needs.

I have a few of the Evil Genius series and am not so impressed by them; ONE of them requires special equipment and purchases from the author....NOT COOL.

I also have a pair of those books. While the fact that author does supply etched circuit boards for some of the projects is nice, the prices on his website are utterly ridiculous and much of what he sells is second rate quality. Also, the spark length of the "12 inch spark Tesla coil" in his book is actually closer to 3 or 4 inches and one could easily build something far superior in terms of performance for much less than his kit costs, a whopping four hundred and seventy five dollars!

Drat, I was hoping to unload the book....everone seems aware of it though LOL

I am going to make one as soon as I get my tesla coils working...

There are quite a few HV supplies listed, for the Tesla coil then you would need to calculate the coils, have you tried Tesla Map or maybe Tesla Coil Cad or the link to a LOT of useful information: Deep Fried Neon?

Then you could write the instructable :-)