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Tesla Ray Gun (Bwahahaha) Answered

I have other projects going right now and I probably wouldn't even attempt this if I could, but is it possible to use a small generator, in a backpack, to power a 15kv transformer, to power a gun similar to a Tesla coil? The user would obviously have to wear some sort of protective suit and be well grounded, and there are a butt-ton of holes it the idea. I'm just throwing the idea out there to see what happens. Any input would be appreciated.

Oh, and again, I'm not doing this project, as I would likely die horribly, so neither should you.


Such a transformer could easily be made small enough to carry (though 15kv may be a bit too low). It just needs to be able to withstand the watts flowing through it. The biggest difficulty with creating something like this would be keeping the arc on course. Since electricity always takes the path of least resistance, it would arc straight to the ground (or worse, directly back to you). You would need a strong and highly focused magnetic field, but I wouldn't want to be the one tuning it. It would be like making a glass out of toothpics, and be almost impossible to prevent a leak.

One method is to use a laser of the right frequency (typically UV) to ionize a thin channel of air. That will then provide a conducting path for the arc to follow.

Interesting ideas. I would laugh at anyone who tried this though.

Very cool. If only there was any real application besides weighing you down and making a cool light show.


6 years ago

Actually you could use a magnetron tuned to the correct frequency aimed at a stream of hydrogen gas and that would cause quite a burst; but take note to not use deuterium or tritium as that would be a problem