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Tesla coil music? Answered

So, I have noticed that music can be played with a tesla coil.  I originally thought it could be done just by using a plasma speaker as the input for the primary coil, but now that I have realized this won't work because of a spark gap and capacitors I am stumped.  Will using an inductor (i think that is right) which allows current to pass sixty times in one second yield a 60Hz pitch?


Yes, multiple ones, but I don't know how to configure it into a tesla coil.

What are you using as your HV source then?


CRT tv flyback transformer

Which I believe is in the diagram step 2 isn't it? You're driving it differently I should think?


Yes, but this won't work with a tesla coil because it has capacitors and you can't just use it as the HV input. You have to have a variable frequency between the primary coil and everything else

I don't know any better, sorry


It is called a audio modulated Tesla coil it does not use a spark gap like regular Tesla coils.

That last bit won't work with a spark gap Tesla coil or solid state the tank circuit in the SGTC will create it's own frequency and you need a special circuit for SSTC's.

Have a look at this it is probably as simple as you can get it.

Ok, that has really small sparks, will a bigger more "full sized" version produce bigger ones.

With solid states like that it should get bigger sparks but the circuit will have to be modified (probably a lot). Although a bit bigger wouldn't hurt.
I have seen a few big (human tall) musical Tesla coils on the internet but not really anything in-between that and what you saw in the link and I haven't seen the circuit of any of them.
Just look around on the internet for them I am sure something will pop up.

Well I have seen 1 to 2 foot ones, but the one on the link looks like it is 3 inches at the most so I just figured it isn't exactly a very big tesla coil