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Tesla's "magnetic wave" communications idea proposed for mine safety Answered

A report in Science Magazine describes a proposal to use Nikola Tesla's magnetic amplitude modulation as a way for trapped miners to communicate with the surface.


Is this new ? I know pot-holers in the UK who've been playing with this kind of stuff for years.

Given how long ago Tesla died, I'm guessing that it's not new :-) I do suspect it's relatively new as a commercial proposal, as opposed to homebrew.

Tesla was a smart guy, who made major contributions to electrical theory, but he was also wrong sometimes. Like he trusted Edison....

. Sounds vaguely like VLF and ULF communications - with much shorter antennae.

Hmmm... how much would this cost? Because instead, they could just get radio signals to work underground...

I guess you didn't bother to read the linked article. Too bad.

I'm not that big of a fan of reading... I simply glanced through it. =P

Well, when you're finished reading, come back and answer your own question.

Oh lol, Tool Using Animal just did...

That explains why my cellphone didn't work in the subways in New York...