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Test subjects with working but useless computers needed *please* Answered

 Hi I am looking for some test subjects who are willing to sacrifice their old or junk computer to help me test something very important, please to not feel urged but if you wish to please reply, I will send you a pm with a file if you wish to help. It is a virus but not as you think, it was made fully from a batch file, please hep, I will soon be  pro and may give patches out. THANK YOU if you help.

More info:
self replicating and running virus which is set to run the first time your computer turns on after you run it, afterwards it needs to take some time to re read the files and re running.1 gb of spce will be filled every 6 minutes so it is kinda deadly but it slows down afterwards, then it self replicates and runs a lot and then you turn you pc off and back on it self replicates again and makes more folders and files until your hard drive comes to a halt, on the slowest computers it can fill a 360 gb drive in 3-5 hours depending on cpu usage. Because it uses to much processing power it is extremely detectable so please help me I will also post a file to stop all of this.

Name: qwerty virus


Well, I'm interested, let's have it.


 I made one thats even worse, and I tested it! It's not that bad but you can't stop it unless you turn off the pc,

It will duplicate itself!
It will make folders and again duplicate more!
It will run itself at startup an copy it to system files
It will kill the pc once 1,000,000 copies of itself are made

It will stop you from manually shutting it off unless you turn of the pc

Wanna test it...LOL

Oh good. No I'll take your word for it rather than test it.


 problem with it : because of +h function and + r it goes so sloooow

 could you also test this if possible its the same with a lot of rems in the middle so people could not piece it together

I'm not actually going to try it, but it looks a bit more devious than the last one to me. What if you packed into (e.g.) FunnyHa_Ha_LOL_time.exe with a bat to .exe converter..?


 what is that, I have little experience with my viruses since this is my first (hopefully) working one, what is that ha_ha thing? exe does not convert into bat properly some how... P.S. I am very keen on getting harmful viruses off my PC so don't worry about other stuff i can get you it in a txt if you wish and the rem is jut ************************ after the rem/

You can get software that packages bat into exe. In that form you can't just open it with notepad and read the script, and it doesn't advertise it's self as a bat. "FunnyHa_Ha_LOL_time.exe" is a name I made up (as an example).


 but it's a bat, what are you talking about. You think that the name might be qwerty.bat.exe? Well you can check that by going to folder options and clicking on "show folder extensions"

The software I pointed to packages .bat into an .exe. It looks like an .exe, it runs like an .exe, up to the point where the script is unpacked then it runs the script in the same way.


 Wow, thats amazing if I had my hands on it i would've used it. But if you press edit it just says lots of rem *************************

I'll passs it to you tonight my pc is getting borrowed.

For those that don't like to read:

Will you please down load a malicious program, and tell me the effects of the program on your computer?

 Downloading malicious programs tends to be a hobby of mine.

And he asked so nicely!

You want it or no? I'm not going to spam you email that auto downloads it if you don't want it.

 Unfortunately, the only computer I have at the moment is my Vaio, and I can't afford to lose her at the moment.  

If I get a hold of an old computer, I'll let you know.  I'll ask all of the people in my IT class.

 I named my Vaio (wait for it)...


She's the only woman I've ever been attracted to.

I did too seems lik,e most of them have cmd based ones which are good go be trashed.

It's not malicious and its no too dangerous..as long as you don't turn off your pc

 I am just not bothered to send a pm to every one so just take it

It seems to require uiop.exe which I don't have
It doesn't seem to fit the description of a virus, in that it does a load of "stuff" if you're fool enough to run it, but I'd expect it to modify at least one system-file to auto-run on start-up. Could you have it do this?


 I will try to, and I am in the progress of it but i have never heard of uiop.exe and on my pc it d0es not say that, so I myself is a little confused

It's in the BAT, line 10 "start uiop.exe"


 Oh yes, you can erase that, I thought of making the bat an exe then tagging a game with it so people will run it along with the game, like a worm or backdoor virus.