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Test your Willpower Answered

If you have ultimate willpower, you will not reply to this. Resist the urge!


hi there nice people you do not have to reply if you do not want to i have taken your test of willpower which was in the form of trying to sign up several times and failing to sign up many times! anyway i finally succeeded in signing up and standed repeated failure, somthing which i consider a solid proof of the fact that i have a good willpower! although i could not resist the temptation to post a comment on your test, i beleive that my struggle for posting a comment is in itself a practical proof of my above average willpower! now it is time for me to test your willpower! can you repeat the following phrase as fast as you can without any mistakes: " a dollar after a dollar"? if you can prove it and show me! need training? contact me at my email address and i will show you you very nice people.

hi there yasser 64 you think you have above average willpower then answer this question: why an elephant was called an elephant?

hi there yasser 64 seriously-an elephant is called an elephant because it is big, not rounded and black. if it were small, rounded and white it would have been called an aspirin tablet.