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Testophobia Answered

Alright, I found out I have testophobia (the fear of taking tests) in about the worst stage imaginable. My symptoms include rapid heartbeat, vomiting, uncontrollable shaking, crying/laughing for no reason, deep depression, and going completely blank on a test (I couldn’t even fill in my name).  I tried taking the SAT last June and was forced to stop. Both the assistants and proctor though I was about to keel over and that I should go to a hospital. I declined and walked out felling pretty low, while at the same time realizing I would need to take a similar test again. About a month ago I went to my doctor and he put me on meds that were suppose to help with my upcoming ACT test that I was planning on taking this December. Long story short I started panicking a week before the test and fell into depression and suicidal thinking. My parents called the ACT board and were told to pull me from the test. As of now I am at a loss for an answer. I had aspirations of become a Mechanical Engineer, but if even the medication cannot mask the problem, then what hope is there for improvement? I am not a stupid individual, but that dose not means every concept comes easy to me. I tend to be hyperactive and need to release my energy, but I can still apply myself to my studies. If anyone has had this or simply has a suggestion I would be forever indebted.



I know it is a lot of pressure because the SAT/ACT score might determine if you get into your desired college.  Have you tried practice test sessions that simulate the testing to help find something to calm you down.  I am sure your teachers or counselors may be able to suggest something.   "Testophobia" happens to a lot of people so don't be afraid to ask them for help.  Good luck.

Agreed, practice, practice, practice, desensitization is the best cure for phobias.

And you will need to get over this, there is a LOT of testing in training to be a mechanical engineer.

BTW might I ask what meds you're taking for this?  Valium is awesome for superstressful situations ie. presurgical, but I'm not sure I could take a test on it.

"Every woman's emotional ally" "potentised water" - not the sort of product I'd expect you to be endorsing..


I came across the product before I came across the site - a colleague recommended it when I was suffering stress, and my doctor agreed.

Since it works for me, I am happy to recommend it to others.

(In fact, I have never actually read their site, buying the spray from our local Boots, so the woowoo is news to me.  This makes me suspect that I have been experiencing a classic placebo effect.)

Mm, the inventor sounds interesting: "Edward Bach (pronounced /ˈbætʃ/; September 24, 1886 – November 27, 1936) was a British homeopath and spiritual writer, most well known for developing the titular Bach flower remedies, a form of alternative medicine inspired by the classical homeopathic traditions."

I don't this stuff is homeopathic - you can taste it.

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Homoeopathic "medicines" are diluted so far the water is effectively pure.

Since this spray is very flavoured (rather nice, actually), it is clearly not diluted to homoeopathic levels.
You grok now?

(I was kidding about the incomplete sentence due to a typo...killjoy. :P )

Sorry, I thought you didn't realise why it wasn't homoeopathic...