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Tethered SD card Answered

I would like to tether a cheap digital camera. The problem is I don't know which one - I'm watching on ebay for a madly cheap camera (I've seen loads go where they're fine except for a stuck zoom - like 6Mp cameras for about £3 - when every time I've looked at a stuck zoom a bit of twisting and brute force will get it back in to the body - and the project I want it for doesn't need to zoom!). Problem with doing this is that by the time I've found a cheap camera with 2 minutes to go, it tends to take a lot longer to that to figure out whether you can tether it. And even then you're normally limited to the provided software, I'd like to be able to write my own.

So - can anyone think of a way to take an old SD card and somehow - I don't know - solder wires to the insides of the contacts maybe - and then somehow get those wires into another old SD card and plug it into the card-reader attached to a PC so that you can read the images without unplugging the "card" from the camera?


I bought one on www.everbuying.com

You're going at the ebay problem backwards. First you should find out what cameras you want and then try and find them for cheap.

Besides, why do you want to shoot tethered?

So I can do instant, automated processing on the PC it's tethered to. Then I can make an instructable. And become a millionaire.

I don't like the sound of that idea -you'd be connecting the three devices together.You might be able to fit a switch, but it would be less hassle to take the card out and plug it into a reader. That is if using the provided software is hassle for you.


The application I'm thinking of doesn't have the option of a person in the mix - hence I need the photos on the computer directly. Maybe I just have to keep looking for a camera that supports tethering :(

Yes, you'd need something that does what you want. Digital images-thingeys are more hassle than it's worth to DIY (unless you like that sort of challenge).


I thought I'd hit paydirt today, found a canon A550 or something at work. Doesnt seem to do remote though :(