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Tetranitrate Lives! Answered

Just got my alumni magazine in the mail.  I open it up and see one of the former ibles interns featured in a two page color spread - Tetranitrate.   I guess he answered our "Earth calling Billy" to see what he has been up to lately.  See the article here http://cable.poly.edu/issue/spring-2011/news/campus-buzz/bright-ideas-billy-gordon 

I had met him at Maker Faire last year with his LED dredlocks.  So what is the moral of this story? Somewhere out there is a market for the pants kilt.



7 years ago

Fire Shaving and breathing fire FTW! The legacy lives on...

Don't forget his self-inflicted Robot lasercut tattoo!

Or his ignition of the Giant Match LOL


7 years ago

Hey, I remember Tetranite! He was the instructabrarian/ibler that posted the E-Bola hoop back in 2008!

Thanks for sharing, it's great to see what former interns are up to nowadays!

Awww, he would have been the first ibler to win a Darwin Award IIRC.