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Text-O-Possum Answered

Kasey and Vanessa from yourpsychogirlfriend are featured on BoingBoingTV! Watch as Xeni checks out some of the awesome stuff they've been working on: high-concept tutus (my favorite gets filled with hissing cockroaches), giant evil doll puppets, and best of all, the Text-O-Possum.

I still owe Kasey a mouse mouse to go with her compubeaver. Clearly it's time to get to work before the mouse is permanently upstaged by next-gen Possum-tech.

I definitely plan to keep an eye on these two.


Text-o-possum your so frigging awesome! Me likey! I want it. If they sold these I would be the first person to buy one.


10 years ago

That is wicked! I have to find me a possum (shouldn't be too hard....) Did you know, that if you ever get lost, all you have to do is find a possum and follow it, because it'll always lead to a road. (Playing on the joke that the possum is one of the most common roadkills).

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was duct-taped to the possum!

Why did the chicken cross the road? It didn't. In an Einsteinian reference frame, the road crossed the chicken!

Wow! Duct tape and possums in the same joke? That's nearly heaven! ;-)

All you need is Chuck Norris!

OOOHHHH. It's a butt-beaming possum keyboard. I want one!! Too bad those laser projection keyboards are up there in the price, aren't they?? 149.99 Maybe when they hit 100 they will be cheap enought to rip apart.

That is *awesome* I had no clue what to expect...

That is not cool, the laboratory of your psycho girlfriend!!! Not after the week I've had. Also I watched the film Willard the other night and after the ex bit I was in fits of laughter with the ideas in my head, a legless horse for the next generation of chariot (yeah its a quad bike...) A mouse phone (yeah quite easy based on mouse mouse...) A clamshell clamphone... A tortoise terabyte harddrive, external of course, a bat lamp (you can imagine a bat that's a lamp that projects a bat on the wall) ah you get the idea here...