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Thank You, Instructables Answered

Five years ago today I joined Instructables. Since then I’ve posted 52 projects, favourited 510, and read far too many to count. I wanted to thank the Instructables community for all it has done for me over the past 5 years.

Firstly, it gave me an outlet for my creativity. I’d always loved fabrication and design, but until joining the site I had no real reason to push myself to create anything new or different. Without Instructables I probably would have been content to limit myself to the projects assigned in wood and metal shop classes at school, and would likely never have broken out of the mould and began to design my own projects.

Secondly, it helped me learn. Whether I was reading someone else’s Instructable or the comments on one of my own, I could always find some new, unique perspective that I never would have thought of.

Thirdly, it taught me to persevere. Many of my projects had points where I was frustrated or dejected with how they were turning out, but I always pushed through them so that I could share my work with the community.

Finally, it taught me to never stop making. There are so many projects out there I want to try, and so many ideas I want to share with the community; I think I’ll be busy for years to come.

So thank you, Instructables. Here’s to five more great years.



1 year ago

Thank you so much, Instructables! (BTW I hope to post a few projects later in the summer, so stay tuned!)

Cheers to your 5 years of contribution! Enjoy

(2 Years here in a little over a month!)

Not sure what it's like living without Instructables!


1 year ago

Here's to another 5!

Congrats on five years!!

Also - agreed! I passed my ten year anniversary and 500 instructables last year. I'm always so thankful for this site and the community here. :D

Agreed, I love this place too! It's good to have such a great online community that gives so much inspiration and so many great ideas.

I hear you, brother!