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Thank you all......I don't know whether to laugh or cry...... Answered

I am totally flabbergasted....beyond belief, honestly. I have never been a part of such a close-knit group of caring individuals in my life.

UPS just arrived (I think it was UPS), and so when I answered the door, there was this package. Ellen is always getting packages so I handed it to her.......but she handed it back saying it was for me.

I am so awestruck that you sent me this beautiful shirt, and with the signatures on the back too.

Thank you all SO much.....I really don't know what else to say.

Question: since some of the signatures are a little light, is there any way that is practical that I can preserve them so that future washings do not fade them right away?

Thanks SO much again....!


And now, this is my second day back to work.....I am already back in the "groove" ;-)

So am I ! :-)

Di....di....didn't need to see the third picture...

Well, in case anyone doubted that I had my chest cracked open..... :-)

They cracked you open?!!!! I thought it was just an incision!!!!

They have to get to the heart, so if they can not go under the rib cage from the bottom ( the artery was the left anterior, i.e. on the left side front and close to the heart) and they harvested a mammary vessel for the bypass, so they needed more room then a lower incision could provide. Because they lay you out (crucifixion style) with the chest open, muscles and nerves receive some damage that I am still fighting today. Numbness in my legs and cramps at night in my left leg are just a few. *sigh*

Well, I was doubting you and thought you just wanted the T-shirts but now... Now I believe you.

Well, you know me. I get paranoid about things from time to time ;-)

Lol! Comparison between uppercase i and lowercase L. Il They look the same!

Il 13. I always wondered if it was iL or Li or LL or ii.

I missed the bit about why they gave it to you, What happened?

A bunch of things, but I suppose the major thing was the open heart surgery I had (double bypass), that literally removed me from the workforce for 10+ weeks straight. I am still recovering from that since they have to split the sternum and bones of that thickness take a bit of time to heal.

wow, I sure am glad they got you that shirt! You deserve it.

Well, I don't know about "deserve" but I am certainly grateful for being a part of this community, despite my "advanced years" ;-)

I don't want to ruin any surprises --- ::announcers voice:: "But wait THERE'S MORE!" (Give it a few days)

I hope Tetranitrate didn't send a package that goes up in flames... It's nice to see you back in this Side, not your backside...


Well, the last day, and the discharge day, they allowed me to wear their pants and shirt ( the day before, I must have grossed a few nurses or patients out, when I took my walk, and I hadn't gotten the back overlapped properly, as halfway back from my walk, a nurse ran up behind me to "assist" me in cutting down on the rear draft I was getting LOL).

evidently ;-) done at the crack of dawn too LOL

It dawned on the nurse that's where the sun doesn't shine.

You don't think she thought I was loony (from lunar) do you ? ;-)

If you were whistling a looney tune, the nurse would have got you a white jacket with those nice straps...

Join the pun if you've got the stomach for it. Punmaster Goodhart does have a hardy uppergut...no, I mean uppercut, sorry typo. I think he relishes the mental workout.

Yeah I love to flex my vocabulary muscles and play with words (and numbers too), especially cliches` ( I tend to knuckle asunder any cliches that bother me :-)


Pssst, on the second box, have you been talking to NachoMahma??

Did you manage to get a hold of that capybara for Goodhart?

I didn't, I got as far as the Mexican/Texan border with it and they were like "Sorry dude, you can't bring that no matter how much money you paid for it because you were drunk". I had to let it go : (

Oh my Wife would have LOVED that too, but my landlord would have a conniption fit LOL

I think it would have been pretty lonely, this one seemed to like to beat up caymans....

yeah, and being they are very social animals, like cavies are, they would be lonely. I would never want to do that to an animal.

Same. Hedgehogs are solitary, you otta get one.

A really loving, caring animal, despite it's reputation, would be a pair of rats; but my wife won't hear of it. *sigh* I like pets that can be "petted" ;-)

*incredulous tone in voice* You can pet a hedgehog, once they are used o you they flatten down there spikes immediately, also only the back is spikey

Yeah, they are cute....but I think I will pass on any more pets in the house for now. :-)

How about a baby jackalope, I left quite a few near RS, once they get too big, you release them and they usually end up getting a job in a bar...

Offer him some pandalopes, please!!!! Just one!!!! One less means a lot!!!!!! *sobs* *Pandalopes bite KK's head* Whyyyy?!!!!

the amount of customers I have seen in the local RS would probably bore them both to death...

Aw....Goodhart Ruined the joke......We mean RocketScientist2015....or we're yuou talking about something different entirely?

RS = Radio Shack (when I was writing; sorry if I misread...)

Believe me, you didn't ruin anything....thanks again, to you and all involved...

Thank you to all involved....you all really didn't have to go through all of this, really. Tetranitrate appears to have written the card, enclosed. Thank you for this shirt also.

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