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Thanks Instructables!!!!!!! Answered

Hi Friends!!!!!!

When I saw the Dead Computer Contest, my first thought was "This netbook will be mine!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!", and started with the Cyborg project. It was a week working, and the last two nights without sleep. And finally happened!

When I was waiting for my netbook, I dreamed carrying the computer everywhere in my backpack... SWEEEEEET!!

But, when I opened the box, I saw love at first sight between the netbook and my mother, who had a big smile in her eyes when saw the beautiful computer. As my mother never had a brand new computer for her (she always had to depend of my old notebook or my brother's new one), I gift it to her. If you could have seen the happiness in her eyes eyes when I did that...

I only have words of gratitude and respect for you, for all the Instructables team. Thanks Eric (ewilhelm), Randy (Randofo), Fungus Amungus, Stumpchunkman, Noah (noahw), Instructables Robot, THANKS TO ALL!!!!!! You made my mom happy, and made me happier!!! As I always say, being part of this community and wear the Robot T-shirt is a privilege, an honor and a pride for me, and I hope to make a lot of important contributions for all the members of this, the World's greatest DIY page!! And I want to thanks to all my friends and comrades who voted for me in the contest. THANK YOU!!!

And Randy, your book is AWESOME. IT'S A MASTERPIECE!!!!!

Thank you people!!!

Cordially (from my old but working and happy notebook!!)

Mario Caicedo Langer
A.K.A. M.C. Langer (The artist formerly known as Poyecto_gir)
Bogota, Colombia


Thank you so much for sharing this. It is great to see a son and mother sharing an exciting moment! Have a splendorous day! Sunshiine

 Curse that Icelandic Volcano!

What a great note, and what a great thing to do!  Congratulations on winning the contest, and best of luck in everything!