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Thanks, USA boys! Answered

For this amazing experience.

Here is 2:40, I have seen the landing of Curiosity in USTREAM!

I have tears in my eyes.


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it's a relief to see that they sorted out the difference between inches and centimeters;-)

Why, of course they did.

You just wait and see. Soon, they will even manage to hide that their military industrial complex can't boil an egg without bombing it.

Gracias por tu apoyo y lagrimas, amigo.

Bill, tú debes saber que el hombre es el mismo hombre en toda la superficie del planeta: envidias, odios, resentimientos, frustración, etc. Consecuentemente, aquellos que sobresalen acarrean sobre sí, inevitablemente, las críticas de los demás. Así los ciudadanos de USA no son bien vistos en el resto del mundo, pero creo que nadie en su sano juicio puede negar que saben hacer las cosas, por más que ocasionalmente pueden equivocarse, porque son humanos, no dioses. Esa noche mientras miraba el descenso de Curiosity, agradecí que en el mundo hubiera gente capaz de lograr tales hazañas.

Bill, you should know that man is the same man in all the planet's surface: envy, hatred, resentment, frustration, etc.. Consequently, those who excel bring upon themselves, inevitably, criticism of others. So U.S. citizens are not totally welcome in the rest of the world, but I think anyone in their right mind can deny that they know how to do the things, but occasionally be wrong, because they are human, not gods. That night while I watched the landing of Curiosity, I was grateful that in the world were people able to achieve such feats.

Space missions like this one have been concerted by the United States with the support of many different countries and expert people from around the world.

Love the control room reactions video :D Looking forward to the new photos they should get through any minute now.

I was impressed that too, but the tension was seen in the faces and body movements during the "7 minutes of terror" had made ​​me fear that some fainted.



Unfortunately, I was not lucky that no Spanish-speaking country took the task to translate online what is told in English to Spanish, so I missed much.

Canucksgirl, this is an excellent video, but as it says, is a computer simulation.