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The #1 reason for why I dislike the New Update | (Hint: It's worse than Apple) Answered

I normally don't hate things. I don't mind getting used to new updates. In fact, I like when things get updated.
I'm sure the staff worked a lot on this new update, but to be honest, it's really bad. Very bad. I'm doing my best not to break the Be Nice Policy, but this is seriously really bad. 

You've taken away from us the dozens of amazing features, And we have no control over them.

Note: I've removed some of the stuff that I wrote here earlier, as it is totally irrelevant to our profile pages right now (6+ months later). Some of the comments might be irrelevant because of this.
I mean, seriously! You're removing the features that we love? WHY?
Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Do they force you to buy the Iphone 7? NO! Did they kill all of the previous versions? NO.

If you're going to change, change in a way that will help. Don't change because you haven't changed the layout in 3 years. 
"*sigh* Looks like we've lost something good here for the sake of "progress"..." - An old comment by ItemsOnHand.

If you disagree, think differently, or anything else, I'd like to read your comment. 


Yes, I know I've written so much without receiving a reply from the staff. I've been writing while they've been sleeping.

Changed my mind a bit (only a bit) about what I wrote. If you comment here, I'll probably only reply on Monday-ish...

Problem with updates is that the people who do them usually have little to no connection to the users.
In the forums I am active in we actually ask the users once or twice a year, before we apply software updates to the forum, what changes they would like to see or add.
For Instructables it is too hard to provide an option to sort the comments in the forum by time and date, which is utterly useless in the curent form IMHO.
And you think they will change the profile features again to actually make them more user friendly? LOOOOOOL

I would not be at all surprised if they
commit to the new profile page layout. Rather than valuing things on
their merits, people nowadays feel that the simple creation of something
makes it equal to whatever like it was around--without regard for
actual capabilities.

The new layout is objectively inferior to
the previous setup, but it will likely remain because too many people
are unwilling to face the fact that sometimes they make things that
aren't quite as good as they thought they'd be.

Just a reminder that when they changed the homepage to a feed-based system that was different for each logged in user, they changed it back after reasonable objections from the members.

The statement given thus far regarding parts of this one (the activity feed in specific) has been "love it or hate it, it's here to stay." That's verbatim.

I imagine that for the most part that'll be true for the whole bit, minus a few modifications.

I'm not suggesting they will get rid of the feed, just that they have listened in the past and have expressed a willingness to do so now. Just because they're putting their foot down on that one aspect doesn't mean they aren't listening or don't care.

Even before the press release in the other section was posted I had already forecasted that the new layout would not see any major alterations or reversals.

My confidence in feedback is not shaken by the response as much as the tone of it. The statement made said in no uncertain terms that, regardless of how it was received, the activity feed would be put in. That is why I questioned the point in submitting feedback.

The feed's existence doesn't negate all feedback. For example, the long drawn out exchanges on this topic have resulted in some very large chunks of text on my feed. Those fields of type are quite possibly discouraging visitors from scrolling and seeing my older ibles that have been favorited, because they may assume that's all there is. I would suggest giving a box a max size with a "view more" button at the bottom instead. The feed is here to stay, but I can still suggest an improvement for it.

I'd give users (the profile's owner) control over the feed. That is a fair enough change in my view.

I have to admit that I did not use the feature too often but with all the fuzz going on I took another deeper look.
All I can say is I agree with the other comments stating that the update is for the worse.
I mean you as the site operators always state Instructable is for the users.
So why are the being ignored most of the times?
Is it too hard to actually ask what features are in demand and to implement them?
The comfort and usability is going downhill and you start to loose the touch here.
Instead of making things easier and better existing problem are ignored month after month and changes and updates only too often add more problems than solutions...

Members are not being ignored. When we spoke out about the new feed-based homepage that was different when you were logged in, they changed it back. They've said this change is here to stay, but they've explained their reasoning and asked for suggestions here.

I started asking for a time and date based option for comments like made here a very long time ago.
So far no real explanation why it seems to be impossible to do and no improvements either.
The statement that all comments are based on something that makes a really good sense is just not true - it is chaos and impossible to sort.
And as for reasoning and suggestions, it happened after the complaints already started here and in other threads.
If you do something like these big updates and you claim to do it for the users and not just your own fun, then it would make sense to have an announcement that is easy to find - like a popup when you log on or an Email to make even better.
Sorry to say but: Too little, too late IMHO.
Just this thread alone shows the total pain of a user trying to get an order into the comments and I highly doubt anyone can find enough good in this system to make up for the chaos with the posting dates and times.
And as said this problem is so old it steps on its own beard when walking past....

Just because you didn't get what you want, doesn't mean they aren't listening. Comments are sortable by oldest, newest, and active. As far as I know, that's a relatively new feature. I have no problems reading and understanding the order of comments, so it clearly isn't a universal problem. Staff will fix or change what they deem most important. Any company would do that. The customizable slots for your ibles on your profile page is something people have been asking for for ages. We finally got it, and I'm happy about that.

I can completely understand why they wouldn't make an announcement about big changes. They want to see who notices them and when. I didn't notice the profile page change until it had been like that a few days already. I don't often visit my own profile. I noticed the homepage change within hours.

The problem of comment order becomes increasingly acute as the time intervals increase.

Certain comments rely on the order being upheld. For instance, in an earlier reply to you elsewhere, I mentioned "the comment above" as the reference. I was surprised to find after the fact that our conversation had altered the order of the thread, rendering the sequencing out of order.

As I remember it, Instructables already had time and date stamped comments before it moved to this more simplistic system.


I think they should send an email once a year to all of the members, and ask them if they have any ideas for improving the site. That way, there will at least be updates that some people want...


1 year ago

I was actually looking for any comments on the changes as I had not noticed much of a response to it. I did notice the update right away, but that was because I pulled up my profile to check something and kind of scratched my head and reloaded the page. Nope, must have been changed. Then I checked other pages to see if they had been changed, nope, just the profile.

In truth I don't usually check that page. I always pull up my instructables tab because it lets you know somewhat if there is something trending. Like if comments are appearing or in the stats window if something spiked.

What I do use profile pages for is to see what other members are doing. I almost always pull up the profile of someone asking a question before I even think about posting an answer. I also look at the profile of everyone who posts a comment on one of my instructables and of course of someone who decides to follow me.

I have mixed feelings about the changes. I have always wondered if there was some easy way to know who favored an instructable, now it is all listed. Kind of nice. So for ME being able to keep track of things it is a little easier. But for me to look at another persons profile it's not as good. Some of the background info is no longer mentioned. The interests and location, ( I guess the location one is still there just moved) lines are not displayed. In answering questions I think those are very important things to know. For example, someone asking a car question living in Israel is going to require different ideas as opposed to someone living in Detroit. But that info is not there anymore.

Another thing that is missing is the list of the answers you give to questions. I used to be able to follow up on those right away by clicking on them in the list. That is gone.

The list of contests won is kind of interesting. I had not remembered how many times I had come in as a runner up. Wow, thats a lot. You know you get a free year pro membership every time you win a contest. Really, 15 years, guess I don't have to worry about that running out. It is a little embarrassing though, It is kind of like getting a bunch of gold stars on your kindergarten drawings. ones that they said were a really good dog but you actually were drawing a horse.

The big picture in the middle of a blank space at the top is a little empty. But then I remembered I am seeing it with out the adds. Are there adds there?

Anyway, my overall feeling is that it might be all right but I think some of the other info needs to be added back in. Little changes that would be. Just give me a few tabs back, like being able to sort the instructables by views, just things like that.

Always remember that it is a work in progress. I often go back and edit my instructables to fix some of the mistakes I overlooked. It has taken me years to notice some of my spelling mistakes. That is a little embarrassing too. We all keep trying.

One of the things missing from my profile is the little blerb I wrote ---- When you stop learning and think you know it all is when you start dying.

"I have always wondered if there was some easy way to know who favored an instructable, now it is all listed."

Just one example of how Instructables staff listens to us. People have been asking for that feature for a while. It may not be in the form that people were expecting, but it's there.

I'm not sure what blurb you're talking about because the about section has the phrase that was there before, and the member's location is in the About section if they've entered it.

I'm annoyed with the fact that we lost all of the little stats. I remember posting over 3300 comments, answered over 200 questions, my best answer percentage was something like 3%. What about the comments on my Orangeboard? My interests? My motto, that showed up really nicely?

Now it's all gone.


1 year ago

Just thought I would let you know --- the more I have used it the less I like it. The missing information does hamper getting to quickly know a member. For example I have often looked at the instructables that others have favorited to get an idea of what their interests are. If half of someone's favorited instructables are on Knex then its pretty easy to tell what their interest is. Also the same with the ones they are following. That information is not readily available anymore. I have actually come across some very interesting instructables that others have favorited that I looked at because of checking out what they were looking at. So, really not that crazy about the new lack of knowing anything.

Have you heard any other feedback from anyone else??

Most of the feedback I have seen has been ambivalent at best.

I personally see the disorganized mess as being a snipe hunt for those looking for the information--not a simpler configuration. Sorting through a huge list with entries from any number of unrelated people is hardly simple in my eyes.

There have been a few times when I have published something that has really taken off. They put it in the news letter and email it to everybody. 20,000 to 30 thousand views in one or two days. Dozens and dozens of comments and hundreds of favoriting. if that happens now with the new profile it will be awash with all that activity and virtually impossible to follow with page after page of stuff. It would be a mess.

I fully understand and agree.

This idea that people would be able (much less willing) to sift through a mountain of largely unrelated notifications to hunt down something they are looking for seems frankly absurd to me. It's like I quipped a while back: under the old forum layout, finding a forum topic post by someone under the old layout 1 or 2 clicks on their profile page. Nowadays, the estimate for how long it could take you to yield such results is simply open ended.

I honestly cannot tell you how buried these things could get because the potential is so great.

I have an I'ble with over 100K views, 700+ likes, and 200+ comments. It would be a total mess...