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The AWESOME Button Answered

Matt Richardson over at Make made an awesome button from the Staples Easy Button.
When pushed, the reprogrammed button randomly selects a synonym to the word 'awesome', perfect for thinking of new (awesome?) words to include in a description when writing.
As an added bonus, Instructables' own Scoochmaroo is (sorta) referenced briefly @0:20

Check out the video and make one yourself:

via: MakeMagazine YouTube Chanel


I would love one of these. But I have absolutely zero wiring/electrical/coding abilities. Anyone want to sell one on etsy?

the awesome button is awesome

I need this right now so I can use a word besides awesome to describe this.

First: How would one program the minecraft remote?
Second: What kind of controller would you use?
I'd really like to here you're opinion and support because if I try and do this I would muck it up. Thanks in advance.

Hahahaha, I need this in real life.

Hw did you add the header pins? Did you have to solder them on or are they something you can buy and stick on? This is such a great idea because the word "awesome" needs to be put to rest for about 50 years until it is fresh again.

Thanks! I soldered them on. You can also buy a teensy with the header pins pre-soldered.

Ok, I totally need this!