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The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin Answered

The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin
Independent designer, craft & fine art showcase

Date: Saturday April 18, 2009
Time: 11:00am to 5:00pm
Location: Saengerrunde Hall, 1607 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701
Tickets: in advance $8, at the door $10.

Event Info:

The Bearded Ladies Production Co. is set to produce its first show in Austin, Texas. The 2009 event will be a craft fair, fine arts festival, and independent designer showcase all wrapped up into one. By featuring the best vendors in Austin, The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin will provide shoppers an opportunity to find one of-a-kind gifts, unique accessories, fashionable attire, home decor and more. Shoppers can browse the work of talented artisans who buck the trend of mass-production by offering handcrafted goods that are finely constructed and very unique. These independent entrepreneurs are locally based, but also come from surrounding areas to participate in what is sure to be a fun family event filled with items you can't find anywhere else. The first thirty shoppers to arrive at the event will receive a goodie bag stuffed with great giveaway items from vendors and local businesses. Shopping begins at 11:00 a.m., and admission is $8 in advance, $10 at the door; parking is available near Saengerrunde Hall.

The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin is currently accepting applications for vendors. All local crafters, independent designers, and fine artists that want to broaden their customer base are invited to apply. Let all of Austin know what you have to offer and join The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin!

Vendors to apply go to: http://www.TheBeardedLadiesPresent.com/apply_here.html


Hmm.... I might stop by if I get a chance....

12-22 is the application deadline for The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin!

Just wanted to remind everyone that the application closes next Monday - December 22nd, at midnight.

As a special Thank You to those that have already applied, and those who still want to apply to the event, The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin will credit $10.00 of the application fee towards the cost of the booth fee of the accepted vendor.

Vendors art still wanted!!! especially in the areas of pottery/ceramics, mixed media art, bath & body products, and food. If you know of anyone who might be interested in applying for the show - please send them to '''www.thebeardedladiespresent.com...

There have been some fabulous applications so far, but they want more. So come on Austin vendors we know you are out there!

The Bearded Ladies Present's primary focus is to showcase Austin and Texas artisans. However, they are considering opening up a second round of applications in January that would be open to artists nationwide, and are open to hosting up to 20% of their vendors from out of Texas.

Promoting fabulous artisans is The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin's #1 priority! The early application allows them plenty of time to feature everyone on the website, blog and in posters, media ads & of course press releases.

Apply to The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin

Visit Anne Marie Beard '''www.AnneMarieBeard.com

Worth a bump for the title alone...

. Yep. Tempted to flag it as SPAM, especially with a username like electricpromotions and a company name of The Bearded Ladies Production Co., but it's too funny.

Oh, it's clearly spam, but it's honest spam, and relevant to boot.

. Judging by the names, the poster stands to profit from the event. "... it was the right time to start a new business together, especially one that would revolutionize the arena of Event Productions. Our goal is to connect vendors who represent the taste, culture and fun environment of Austin with shoppers..." . At least it's relevant and not another designer watches SPAM, but it does appear to be an unsolicited, commercial msg. Acceptable on this site, but still SPAM. I don't plan on flagging it.

But by having a forum specifically for posting events, it no longer becomes unsolicited. ergo, it's not spam. And really what motivation would someone have for posting events they have no vested interest in?

. Touché! I concede defeat. . I read this in the All forum and didn't even notice it was in Events. . . . But it's still commercial heehee

"Honest spam" = "an advert for a proper event."

They're not just posting a referral website.

Mine did before I posted that - maybe that's why I'm not making enough sense.

. Agreed . A lot like ppl that post topics about their Ibles-themed t-shirt business. . > honest spam . Is that anything like military intelligence?