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The Best iPod Answered

What is the best iPod out there? Is it the Nano, Video, Shuffle...


for music playing, my favorite is still the iPod Nano 2nd gen. It does everything you need it to, and it is built like a tank!

for sure ipod touch


7 years ago

ipod touch

I like the Ipod Touch, mostly because you can get apps for more than just music. BTW I don't have one.

It all depends on what you want to do with it. if you want LOTS of media in your pocket, then it's the Classic. But if you just want toys to play with, then the Touch is your man. If you are low on cash, then the Nano or Shuffle.

I love the iPod Nano 5G.

Well, I have the original shuffle. It's cracked and doesn't have all of the features, but an ipod is only supposed to play music, and it does it quite well (still).

My business went down under at school for ipods. :-(

Lol. People never want to pay, and it doesn't help when you give them away, then charge them.

Well, not quite, i would get them from 1 person that gets pissed at it, fix it, then either sell them back or sell them to someone else.

Meaning the fact that I only ever had a shuffle, and a nano, I have to go with nano.

iTouch of course


I personally loved my 60 Gigabyte Ipod Video. It was durable, had great sound quality, and it felt good. I dropped it onto a big sharp rock and broke the screen, but it was the best I ever had.

" but it was the best I ever had." thats what she said ;P

exactly, think some one else said the same thing down further....

that's what she said.

I love my 1st generation iPod Touch. IT has better WiFi range that the 2nd generation, and has sturdier and more industrial-style construction.


9 years ago

touch is pretty sweet...

nano 3rd gen :D

Touch 2nd gen is one of the best for the apps you can get but otherwise nano 4th gen is just as good

My MP4 player is the better than ipods. :-D

so true my untitled made in china mp4 with camera just does its work. not like an ipod

itouch, 2nd gen. or the iphone, but I dont have one.

My favorite ipod for music is ipod nano 1st gen but my favorite for fun is ipod touch

I got a 2nd gen ipod tough 16gb yesterday, its really awesome. The best ive ever had


9 years ago

I think the first Ipod ever made is the best. Its the granddaddy of all ipods. Plus, you can change the Mini Hard Drive to Flash. You can look it up in Instructables. I just love the huge nice interface.


10 years ago

Sandisk Sansas. I don't see the big deal about iPods.

He did not ask for the best mp3. Can't you respect that? He asked what's the best ipod.

I agree. I used to have this Zen Micro, it was great. It was big and chunky, which gave it a great feel. Not many Music players are open sourced though... unfortuantely.

Previous gen iPods really couldn't compare (I chose an e series over a Nano) but this time around I can't decide... Better resolution on Nano or better storage value on the Sansa View? >< A difficult decision.

I agree absolutely. We use a Sandisk--no DRM required (it has DRM onboard, but only if you need it for online music purchases.)

Oh, yeah--it's half the price of an iPod, and has an FM radio, too (a must for my wife.)

cheap untitled player with mini sd card slot and built in 1.3 mpix cam all music on micro sd cards solar panel powered charger and external battery pack you really need any more ?

Yeah, that 80 gig nano that exists...

lol oops. i searched my online name in google and it came up with a couple hits. hehe im famous lol wtf. (R)@ND()/\/\!

Well it's called the classic now, it wasn't when I bought it...



iPhone = iFail


iphone=i am good,ur not LOL!


10 years ago

Nano First Gen. FTW.

I just ordered my new 3G, I've had the original iPhone up untill this point, however. Before I bought that I used a 30gig video, which was ok, but the battery eventually died, creating a situation where I needed a phone and iPod at the same time, hence - iPhone.