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The Best of Instructables Book Has Been Sent To The Printer Answered

The Best of Instructables Book has been finalized and sent to the printer. We're cutting it awfully close, but it looks like we'll still be able to release it at the Austin Maker Faire, even if the copies will be arriving directly from the printer on the first day! Getting it out in time seems to have nearly killed Gareth.

I read all of the final proofs yesterday morning, and The Best of Instructables is excellent. It reminded me of my first electronics book, Build Your Own Laser, Phaser, Ion Ray Gun & Other Working Space-Age Projects, which completely captivated me on my first read. The high-voltage projects especially appealed to me -- "I could make and control high-voltage sparks?! Cool!" I count this book among one of the first things that convinced me to become an engineer.

The Best of Instructables has that same flavor, and because there is so much more available on the website, it is that much better. I know this book will inspire a lot of people to build, bake, and create some incredible projects, and I can't wait to see what they are.

See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.



9 years ago

yes is this going to come out in australia

Finally someone brings up the important issue!!

Yay, I can't wait to get it, I'm going to display it proudly along with some other publications of personal note to myself...

Your not going to win this one. The same "kind of name" anyone has online.

When will it hit store shelves? And, can I buy it at borders?

What about the UK? We have Borders - has anybody mentioned whether it will be stocked in the nation that uses more vowels?

Well, it will take longer to get yours out, since there will be more vowels in it ;-)

Psst...I know! That's why I said "OOOHHHHH! Burn!"

Oh yes, I misinterpreted again.....Geek speak I can handle, but Youth speak is hard to follow at times :-)

"Dang those young kids and their fancy lingo. Whatever happened to phrases like, Catch-22, 86-ed, and off the chain?"

not to mention Big Daddy, really BOSS, Unreal, square, D.A.'s, using the Horn, Rag top cars, 23 skidoo, and having Jets ;-)

Eat my shorts? Idk, i need to watch more simpsons I used to be hip! then they changed what hip was now its weird and confusing

I was hip in the late '60's and '70's :-) I am kind of stuck there too

You know, I understood way too much of that thread...

Nah, most of my friends are cooler than you all. J/k :D

Watch it, or I will unleash my voice in public and then you will be sorry LOL

You have the sample, if you need a longer bit, I would probably have to use FTP or something else...they get big fast...

It went through. I listened to it. And I'm seriously impressed here, hope you'll agree to sing for the album.

Haha, One my sisters started saying "home skillet" alot so started calling them "Kitchen Spicket". Good Times.

I said "unreal" the other day and got a few weird looks from my classmates, aswell as a "Right on!" and thumbs-up approval from my teacher...

I doubt it will be in UK Borders, to many U's taking up space on the shelves.. :D

Yay! I'm picking up a copy! Even though I could just get the instructions online! It'll be good to carry around and spread the gospel.

it is released tomorrow oct 1 08 a big day in history


"One small step for man, one giant leap for instructables."

No, that never happened - that quote was actually typed in the script offices of a Hollywood studio...