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The Best of Instructables Book will have approximately 350 pages Answered

We're closing in on a full book at 350 pages. That means we'll soon know which Instructables made this book, and which will have to wait until the next.

See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.


Kinda sad that I thought the winners of this contest would be published in the book. Many were not published and only show on as a comment on one of the last pages.

The winners of the book contest were published exactly how we said they would be published (except that we published a greater number), and they all got copies of the book. How is this sad? I thought it was a really cool opportunity.

Your right. It was not sad and on the contrary is a really cool book. I had mis-interpreted and understood that the winning instructables would be published as in completely shown in the book. I apologize for any negativity that I let out. Congrats on the book and I do appreciate the copy.

I don't think it's sad at all. The book is wonderful and ~~exacly as~~ better than promised.

Final count is 330.

350 pages... ...nearly twice as thick as a copy of Make! Cool. I am seriously excited by this book, even though none of my projects were included.

We know - you've been twitching about it for weeks now. =]

We're really excited about the line-up. We think we've put together a pretty killer collection of projects, from one- and two-pagers, to much more involved Instructables. Topics range from home, garden, and food to science, robots, and electronics. We also have some gallery spreads which are themed photo-based collections of projects, with a photo or two from each Instructable we've chosen, author's name, a summary, and a URL. Some, like the Moleskine/Notebook Hacks gallery, communicate most of the idea within the image and text, others, like the Mint Tin Gallery, are more summaries of what you'll find when you come to the project pages on the site. BTW: In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm one of the editors working on the book for Make: Books. We have a great team of editors, designers, and a project manager. It's been a really fun project to work on and we've all been so impressed with the level of creativity in the projects, the quality of the writing, and how helpful and enthusiastic everyone we've contacted has been. Instructables is truly a unique and exceptional online community. But you probably already knew that.

Not yet. But I didn't check today's mail. When did you mail it?

Looks like it's closer to 320 pages right now. I am apparently trigger happy with my posts!

About how many steps are in a page?

It varies greatly, depending on the complexity of the steps, numbers of photos, etc.

There is a forum topic previewing a page. Its by ewilhelm, it contains a pdf.

The suspence is killing us!!