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The Best of Instructables Vol. 1 (Book Cover) :O Answered

I was lurking for the official launch date of the site (which I still have not found) and ran across the O'Reilly site, which I saw, on the 'Books To Come' jigger, The Best of Instructables Vol. 1 WITH A COVER PAGE!!! :O

Below is the cover, and here is the link to the page on O'Reilly:





haha, I too saw this earlier today. I posted a forum topic, but for some reason can't be seen about the make store. Anyways they're having a 10% sale, and if you spend more than 25 dollars then you get a free Maker's Notebook! What's the best Items in the store?

Volume 1. That means there'll be a volume two! Muahahahahaha. Time to get a working.

Yay! Can't wait to get mine!

Nah that cant be the cover, non of my -ibles are on it!


Very MAKE-ish. I like it.

Me too Keith, me too! *Excited* :D