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The Best of Instructables at Austin Maker Faire Answered

In rough chronological order, here's the best of Austin Maker Faire from Instructables perspective:

Hanging out with Bilal for the whole weekend.
Seeing Alexis and Nublabs
Checking out a bag made from old jeans complete with Instructables patch.
Watching big stacks of The Best of Instructables and people buying them.
Meeting Sfeine (and a bunch of other members, I didn't take photos of!).
Hearing ArcAttack play the Imperial Match, Super Mario Bros., and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Giant Tesla Coils.
Writing ridiculous notes all over our booth.
Making the squeamish literally jump with fright when they noticed Mouse Mouse.
Massaging and being massaged by Bilal to play a fighting game with the Massage Me Jacket.
Convincing RocketScientist2015 to work the booth, so I could have a break.


When will the best of instructables prize copies ship? i won one and i cant wait to get it !

The book was shipped out on Monday the 20th of October. You'll probably get yours middle, or end of this upcoming week. ;-)

Awesome, thanks mate :P ill post pics when it comes :D

I dare say, I'll get mine before you. :P

i bet you will :D tell me how sweet it is when you get it !

I will do, in the meantime, go to bed. :P

i dont know why but ive kinda gotten used to being awake at 3am..

haha! glad to see rocket made it there! shame im so far away really, you guys look like your having too much fun!

It was awesome! And suprisingly enough several people directed questions to me instead of a more senior person...

one lady asked what an LED Throwie is

haha! thats because most the 'senior' members are immature, and like to make silly things (in a good way) so really, im sure you fitted right in. My advice, NEVER grow up.

*leaps into silly green leafy tunic with far to much leg exposed* I won't grow up, I don't want to go to school. Just to learn to be a parrot, And recite a silly rule. If growing up means It would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up Not me! Not I, Not me! Not me! I won't grow up, I don't want to wear a tie. And a serious expression In the middle of July. And if it means I must prepare To shoulder burdens with a worried air, I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up Not me, Not I, Not me! So there! Never gonna be a man, I won't! Like to see somebody try And make me. Anyone who wants to try And make me turn into a man, Catch me if you can. I won't grow up. Not a penny will I pinch. I will never grow a mustache, Or a fraction of an inch. 'Cause growing up is awfuller Than all the awful things that ever were. I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up, No sir, Not I, Not me, So there! I won't grow up!

No, I've never seen the tv show it apears to be lyrics from...

Given the "leafy green tunic" reference, I'd say Peter Pan.

It does sound rather Peter-Pan-esque.

The Broadway play Peter Pan, starring Mary Martin.

One can still "grow up" as long as they keep in touch with their inner child :-)

Inner child be damned, I'll be both inner and outer child!

Well, you will have restrictions then ;-)
No driving an auto, no staying up past 9, and etc.

I kind of like the ability to walk in certain circles, and do certain things without a second glance :-)

I could walk in circles before I could walk in straight lines...

Aye, but some adult circles are much more fun, and definitely more engaging conversation-wise ;-)

*waves hand with dismissive air*
Despite my best tries, I will age, however I need not act my age...

Oh, I didn't say anything about acting ;-)

As much as I pun around in here, I torture my wife even more... she found it endearing for the first 5 years or so...... :-)

I like to make up my own warped lyrics to songs as I walk through the house too.....keeps her in stitches (most of the time).

She said it was my sense of humor that was most attractive when she and I first met (I knew it wasn't looks LOL).

Who ever said ewilhelm is too nice? Everyone uses authority every now and then!


What authority? ; D Cooperation is the future.


Hahaha. Talking with Bilal was a trip, even if I did spend inordinate energy toward getting him to defame other makers and spill the beans on his future Instructable projects . When our nation finally decides to turn to alternative forms energy, I recommend we cut that boy open and figure out what makes him keeping ticking at such a high rate. Seeing some of the "old standards" from last year was great, but I really enjoyed the Hungry Scientist crew with their liquid nitrogen ice cream (and the book they put out is one of my fave purchases of the weekend [of many]); and the Hawgfly team's gorefest with giant blood cannon. Can't wait to get photos of my eviscerated face. Can't wait for next October.

It's no big secret... try some Jelly Bellies.... Please don't cut me open. ; D Glad you had a good time, why wait till october, come to the San Mateo Maker Faire! -bg

Let's see...Wichita would be a good place, or Kansas City...Or Topeka....

Or Orlando.

What? Just throwing it out there.

My state capital, Harrisburg (or closer to Lancaster, like the York Fairgrounds).

The York Fair grounds are around 3-4 city blocks in size.....lots of space :-)

Boston has the Bayside Expo Center and the Seaport World Trade Center... ...and Fenway Park can be rented in the off season.

That's pretty good, but, well, umm, Boston has the North End, famous for its awesome Italian food.

:-) I am not arguing which it better, but rather that maybe one at each site would be just peachy LOL

That would be ideal. But at Boston first... lol.