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The Big Ideas Worldwide Invention Contest Answered

During the month of February xClosure is running a national search campaign to find 5 products to market nationally. Winning the contest involves 3 steps:

1. Fill out the application here before March 1st
2. 10 finalists will present in person or via the web to a panel of live judges on March 21st
3. 5 winners will be selected to have their product marketed

This is an opportunity to tap into the talent of an experienced marketing team. All product descriptions, details and files submitted are protected under a mutual NDA/non-compete/non-circumvent agreement to protect your idea and product. So take 10 minutes to fill out the application at http://www.xclosure.com/application-page and good luck!


Great feedback Kiteman! Always good to watch out for your own inventions. The application page has some more info about the confidentiality and protection you can expect when submitting an application.

I ought to warn all potential entrants to this "contest" NOT to enter any products they have not already patented, and to make sure an independent lawyer looks through any paperwork BEFORE you sign it.