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The Biggest Challenge of All... Who can make a submarine? Answered

Good at math?(Or at least decent). Like getting wet? Then you should try and make a submarine. Who wouldnt want one? Now this doesnt have to be ocean worthy, just strong enough to work in lakes and ponds and slow moving streams.


Chinese man builds a submarine!

Hey guys, we've been doing this for years. Check us out at http://hps.fau.edu/
We have been racing our sub "Talon 1" (a 1-man "wet" sub) for a couple of years now and just placed second overall in the 1st International Submarine Race in Gosport England. Their website is http://www.subrace.eu/

We are currently working on a 2 man sub with a variable pitch prop. After its been "declassified" by our team, maybe we will post an instructable.

Pretty cool. How does speed compare to someone w/ scuba?
I'm guessing that the main advantage is streamlining, yes?

What do you lube with that is submersible?

Do you have bouyancy issues if bubbles get trapped inside?

there are two main advantages. 1 the streamlining 2 the efficiency of a gearbox and shaft connected to a propeller. We are able to maintain 6 knots and our fastest speed is 6.9 knots.

we have a sealed gearbox with some regular heavy weight lube, and we use SS bearings

we have never had buoyancy issues before but I have seen subs at races breach the surface hard due to poor ventilated exhaust

That would be nice. Up until now I have only been doing things with math and a simulator. Im sure that a large portion of community members would love to see such an instructable. Id also imagine you being the first as I have only ever seen people doing boats and occasional gliders.

I don't think that neutral bouyancy is such a trivial matter. Go up a bit, and the bubble expands, and wants to pop to the surface; go down a bit, and the bubble squishes, and sinks to the bottom.

I think a diving bell with a hose to the compressor would be easier. you'll need a bunch of weight to keep it down, but it is essentially resting on the bottom.

If you were a Scuba Diver, you would not need a bubble of air. or worry about braking glass. If it was made of a aluminum/steel frame, all you need is to make it neutrally buoyant and balanced. It could be Electric or Peddle powered. As long if the Electric power does got exceed 32Volts, 12Volte is fine and more common. I have played with the idea, but I don't have the means to do such a deed.

Anyone remember the Mad Scientists' Club and their Lady GoDiver sub?

Oh, and the cool cavern! I haven't read that in probably 25 years

Human-powered submarine competitions:

The only caution I would give is to steer clear of areas deemed sensitive by Homeland Security. A couple of guys were arrested a few years ago for harmlessly cruising around in their home-made sub in a New York waterway.


6 years ago

hmmm.. lemme guess.. you need knowledge in hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics, pressurised vessels, buoyancy AND material sciences... had tried making a model submarine.. failed miserably b'coz my knowledge in pumping mechanisms (for pumping in and out water for submerging and floating) was minimal. (or atleast the tech available for that scale size).

all u need is a pumping mechanism, a thrust mechanism, and means to control it. not to forget how water-tight u can fabricate your vessel (even under pressure).


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