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The Breakfast Machine Answered

While visiting my grandmother last week in beautiful New Jersey, I found The Breakfast Machine, a combination compact toaster oven, frying pan, and coffee maker all in one. At first glance, I thought it was a pretty funny combination, but it's actually quite efficient--the same heat that toasts the bread also fries the eggs. I, of course, had to take the machine apart a little, and you can see the same heating strips that you'll find in any toaster oven are the only source of heat for the frying pan.

One question, though: how are you supposed to remove the frying pan without a handle?

Once you have your breakfast machine, the next step is to hook it up to your alarm clock (see discussion here) and you'll be up in no time!


Oh where was this in my bachelor days? (daze?)  It would have saved me a huge amount of money eating at diners as I hadn't yet learned to cook a decent meal in them days!

Actually a great little mini kitchen for a cabin, or a small home built RV.  Let's see, a conversion to run on 12 volts, and any boat, RV, or mountain shack can boast a modern kitchen!

Hey!!!! If you can hack it and add some servo motors, maybe you can create a better version of it... just think of the possibilities!!! :D

The one from Pee Wee's Big Adventure is so much more high tech. Not to mention that any Rube Goldberg is awesome.

Wait, think I saw that at Wal-Mart, one of those little 4-cup carafes, right? ...but then I'd have to make coffee again five minutes later. What's the point?


Wow! I have never seen such device, but I did see it just.. NOW!!!

looks like an efficient device for a dorm or small apartment. Nice find!

OH MY GOD MY LIFE IS COMPLETE no seriously i really really want this......