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The Canadian Robot Answered

I don't know about anybody else, but the redrawn Robot on the robot contest banner quite appeals to me. For some reason, it feels like he should have a Canadian accent...

I'm not suggesting replacing *the* Robot, but it would be nice to see the Canadian version appearing on merchandise, say as a small logo on a shirt, or on a new badge.

I would certainly have made this project easier to make...

EDIT: I roughed up some versions of my own, with a combination of Inkscape and an oooold copy of Photoshop.


(Bump: Added my own versions of the image.)

(I've just realised why I think he has a Canadian accent - he looks like the Canadian characters in South Park. Sorry.)

Uh, huh. And I think he should also be, er, <i>gas</i> powered, eh? Would you name him Terrence, or Philip?

Take off, ya hoser!


4 years ago

Looks like robot is wearing a dress....and that's OK by me.

A robot has gotta get out and mingle now and then, so why not look pretty?

I quite like it, intresting opinion. It would be cool to see it on a t-shirt or apron.

I really like it, too and would love to see it on a t-shirt.