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The Concrete and Casting Contest starts Monday, 7/29! Answered

We're holding our first ever Concrete and Casting Contest, brought to you by the fantastic folks at CHENG Concrete!

Over the years we've gotten so many concrete & casting projects and we just know you guys have tons more up your sleeves. Show us your best builds for a chance to win prizes from CHENG.

Need some inspiration? Check out CHENG Concrete's projects here on Instructables.

Check out the official contest page for more info.

Contest is open 7/29 - 8/26.


There should be some rock solid entries for this contest.

The judges are going to have a hard time picking from the lot.

You might have to sift through it to see how coarse or fine it will be.

Stop messing around, let me reinforce, I need concrete proposals.

You're going to have to be in good form to cement a lead in this contest

You can only hope for an even mix of things, you wouldn't want it watered down too much.

I reinforce that sediment; they've set this one up nicely

We don't want anyone slumping on the job...wait...

Or getting mixed up. That would leave a bad impression

All the heavy lifting is done before you can haul the prizes away.

Pun Central. LOL for this contest i was thinking of re purposing something already made of concrete. Is that acceptable?

Even a bit of concrete would be a solid foundation. Go for it. Worse thing they can tell you is how it crumbles and was not in the spirit of the contest. Which I don't think they will.